Wednesday, January 4, 2012

President Obama has a great idea! Let's negotiate with the Taliban!

When will liberals learn that you cannot negotiate with terrorists?

It's one thing to try and sit down and negotiate with Iran over its steady move toward developing a nuclear weapon and the means to deliver it.

It's another to sit down to try and negotiate with North Korea over its nuclear weapons program.

And it's yet another still to try and sit down with the Palestinians and attempt to negotiate peace with Israel.

Scratch that! These are all the same scenario with different names!

And now, in his infinite wisdom, President Obama is opening the door to negotiations with the Taliban! What is his reasoning that makes him thinks this would have a snowballs chance in hell of being successful?

Is it because his Consigliere Joe Biden is of the opinion that the Taliban is not our enemy? That's "big f----ing" news to me!

Or does the President have his own reasons for opening up a dialogue with this terrorist organization.

Either way, does Barack Obama really think that this has any chance of success?

And the topper is that as a precursor to "negotiations" for peace the United States would release Taliban prisoners from Gitmo and the Taliban will open an office in Qatar.

Release of terrorists in exchange for the opening of an office? It's not very hard to see who is getting the better of that one?

A terrorists-eye view of the Obama administration!

When they look to the United States, what is it that these maniacal leaders see?

Is it something akin to a metaphoric turnip truck coming down the road?

And when the turnip truck stops, is the vehicle actually something other than a turnip truck?

Is actually a clown car?

It is, and after a full-stop the gang of left-wing liberal politicians from Washington come piling out of dressed in overalls and straw hats with their pens and papers at the ready.

They are prepared to sit down and negotiate all of the dangerous issues away with the honorable representatives from these rogue nations and groups.

But, as we all know, you can't negotiate with terrorists!

These leaders have a clear and firm agenda they want to complete that have at their base and core a deep-seated ideology and hatred that reaches a level that we in the west cannot comprehend.

This is the very heart of the reason that these countries are not stopped.

While we play by the Marquis of Queensberry Rules our enemies play by no rules.

They have little regard for human life and will stop at nothing to reach their goals. We on the other hand play by extremely well defined rules that includes a set protocol for dealing with international issues and problems.

The very last to do item on that list of protocols is military action of any kind. We in the west cannot fathom that other societies do not follow our same protocol.

Therefore, we head down a path where our decisions are well thought out, not only for the potential of success but for any political fallout that could possibly result from a poor outcome.

Our enemies know our buttons that they can push and can guess the response that they will face.

From experience they know that most western leaders do not have the stomach for war and will therefore occupy the crisis with other means that in truth have no little chance of success but that invoke little political risk.

These rogue leaders will gladly continue to participate in this charade for as long as the United States under Barack Obama continues to play.

All the while buying themselves time and continuing along on their merry way!

All the while making the world a much more dangerous place.

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  1. Their negotiations with the Muslim Brotherhood are going great too, (not)

    Right Truth