Sunday, January 22, 2012

Must watch video: Politics, pandering and killing the Keystone XL Pipeline!

Did Barack Obama's decision to kill the Keystone XL Pipeline project with TransCanada make any sense beyond pandering to environmentalists and to his Hollywood base for campaign support and money?

The Keystone XL Pipeline was to be a 1,700 mile long 36 inch pipeline that would bring 800,000 barrels of oil a day into the United States.

So did the decision to kill it actually have a sound foundation for being made?

Of course it didn't with some of the winners being enemies of the United States like Venezuela, economic competitors like China who will most likely now work with Canada on this project and of course President Obama for the political reasons mentioned above.

The losers are the American people!

We lose as a country because killing the Keystone XL Pipeline represents a blow to the United States and our attempt to become more energy independent from sources of crude who do not have our best interests at heart and who at any time could shut the spigot off (i.e Iran and the Strait of Hormuz).

Under the Obama administration this attempt for energy independence has been halfhearted at best as decision after decision (i.e. drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill) speaks louder than any words that come out of the mouths of government officials or the President!

As important as the energy independence component is, the American people also lose given the fact that the Keystone XL Pipeline would have meant jobs and lots of them. That benefit will now likely go to China!

Why was the Keystone Pipeline killed?

The reasoning for the decision, as the graphics in this video clearly show, was partially based on the presence of an aquifer that is extremely large (it covers multiple states) and that is already crisscrossed by pipelines.

This is merely a smokescreen for the real reason the project was killed which are the politically motivated ones mentioned at the beginning.

Will the voting public hold Barack Obama responsible for a decision that was made at the expense of American jobs and that maintains our reliance on enemies of the state for our supply of oil?

Or will this just be one more item on a long list that the American public, taking its lead from the mainstream media, gives the President a pass on in November?

Talk, as we will hear from Barack Obama in the upcoming State of the Union Address is cheap, but his actions and record in office are indisputable and should be speaking volumes to the electorate.

Because this record generated from his first, and hopefully last, term in office have been abysmal!

Ezra Levant on The Source examines and explains the idiocy of the Keystone Pipeline decision!

H/T Conservatives4Palin
Cartoon: Theo Spark

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