Monday, January 23, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood statement on its ascendency to power in Egypt!

What was predicted would occur in Egypt post-Arab Spring has now officially happened as the now Islamist controlled People's Assembly assumes power today!

You wouldn't know this was the case if you are a watcher of White House press releases because the sweeping Islamist victory in the Egyptian elections has for the most part been ignored by the Obama administration.

And why wouldn't it be ignored as this is the absolute worst case scenario predicted during the Arab Spring demonstrations at the same time President Obama was insisting that Hosni Mubarak step down so that democracy in Egypt could spread its wings.

What do the Egyptian people have to look forward too? Democracy or something else?

The 70%+ of the seats won in the lower house of Parliament by the Muslim Brotherhood and other even more conservative Islamist parties may make the average moderate Egyptian citizen look longingly back to the days of a Mubarak-led government.

This is because it is only a matter of when, and not if, Sharia Law will be imposed across Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood statement from its English speaking website IkhwanWeb!

It requires a little reading between the lines but the intent is relatively clear. At least to me!

“… Now that parliamentary elections have reached the end of the proverbial race track, and the final results have been announced, it is time for swelling hearts to subside, for tensions to recede and disappear, and for everyone to express respect for the will of the people and to thank the great Egyptian people for taking part in this marathon election, and for insisting on turning out to cast their votes as they felt the precious value of each vote and witnessed the integrity of the electoral process…

…Therefore, there must be full transparency and frankness with the people regarding all the facts, so they shall always be aware and put their shoulders to the wheel, in order to get out of this tunnel. The Egyptian people have proved their strength and tenacity, persistence and sacrifice in many calamities and tribulations, as well as their ability to realize their hopes, overcome obstacles and endure all pains.

We hope that the elections will be a catalyst for all citizens to work hard, connect with others and selflessly serve the noble Egyptian people. This must also be a reason and a motive to respect and protect constitutional legitimacy in the light of Islamic ethics, good values and morals as well as noble national wisdom – self-denial, respect for others, giving selflessly, and sacrificing for the sake of God and in order to achieve the goals of the revolution.”

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