Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Molotov cocktails in New York and incendiary U.S. policy in the Middle East!

Molotov cocktails thrown at Islamic targets in N.Y.

There is no forgiving the Sunday into Monday molotov cocktail attack on four Islamic targets in New York City as there is no forgiving the daily assault on Jews around the world!

Any bias attack is heinous and the perpetrators who committed the crime in New York, once caught, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

And there is little doubt they will be caught as Mayor Bloomberg will undoubtedly dedicate as many assets to the case as is required to do so.

In light of the attacks and the aggressive police response, it should be remembered that in European countries, Russia and its former satellites as well as other countries around the world, incidents like these occur against Jews daily.

But are bias crimes perpetrated against Jews in some way more tolerated because bias against Jews is somehow built into the social fabric of those societies?

One would hope that the answer to that question was no, but as I read more and more on the subject I am afraid that cultural tolerance of such attacks may actually be the norm than aberration.

Is this what President Obama had in mind in Egypt all along?

On Sunday a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was quoted as saying that they will not negotiate with Israel and will seek to end the treaty between the two countries.

He went on to say that not only would a Muslim Brotherhood led government never recognize Israel but that Israel was an "occupying criminal enemy".

"... When asked whether it is a requirement for the government in Egypt to recognize Israel, Bayoumi responded by saying: “This is not an option, whatever the circumstances, we do not recognize Israel at all. It’s an occupying criminal enemy.” (JPost)

The deputy leader stressed during the interview that no Muslim Brotherhood members would ever meet with Israelis for negotiations. “I will not allow myself to sit down with criminals...”

Was this what President Obama had in mind when he went "all in" on the "Arab Spring" as some sort of democratic inspired protest when most others knew that what is happening now was the logical outcome?

Is his support staff in Washington really that inept as to not have known this was what would happen, or did they in truth know exactly what was going to happen and that this the desired endgame all along?

If a man is judged by actions over words, then one can only assume that the President knew very well what the end result was going to be in Egypt (as well as other countries involved in Arab Spring-type uprisings) and was fine with it.

It is yet one more clarion call to the U.S. Jews that when it comes time to vote in November, President Obama is no friend of ours!

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