Sunday, January 1, 2012

Is it the Obama administration or Iran in charge of U.S. foreign policy?

President Obama signs new sanctions against Iran into law from Hawaii while leaving himself wiggle room to lift same sanctions if he so chooses!

A paper tiger?

It's deja vu all over again as the leaders in Iran are most likely quaking in their boots, or whatever footwear is actually worn there, over the newly imposed sanctions!

Or will these sanctions prove no more effective at stoping this country than any of the ones before?

Iran is currently conducting war games lasting 10 days in the Strait of Hormuz having warned the world that any new sanctions would be met with them closing this critical waterway.

Meanwhile, on Saturday in Hawaii, President Obama took a break from his family vacation fun (i.e. yet another round of golf) and signed into law sanctions that could affect Iranian financial institutions and that county's ability to sell oil on the international markets.

The operative word here is could affect that country's finances because any sanctions might be somewhat effective if, and only if, they are imposed and then strictly enforced.

In the meantime Iran represents a significant foreign policy and national security situation for the U.S..

So at what level, if any, is the magnitude of global crisis that it would take in order to get President Obama off of the golf courses of Hawaii and back into the White House Situation Room.

Or, at the very least, to somewhere on the east coast close enough to deal with what could easily escalate into an international crisis of epic proportions.

The only thing that I can see even having the slightest potential of getting him back is if Democrat Party focus groups happen to say that he should be in Washington and not on vacation.

But I digress!

Sanctions, sanctions and more sanctions!

You don't need to be a foreign policy wonk to recognize the fact that the sanctions that have been imposed on Iran over the years by the United Nations have done absolutely nothing to halt the moves by that country to develop the means to produce and deploy nuclear weapons.

You also don't need to be inside the Department of Defense or CIA to understand that once a nuclear capability has been attained Iran has the intention, or at least the very strong desire, of attempting to wipe Israel off of the face of the earth.

It's also very easy, at least for anyone who looks, to observe that some countries that are supposed to be the friend of the United States are actually aiding Iran in its endeavors due to either economic or philosophical reasons.

Finally it is also quite apparent that the government of Iran seems to be the aggressor in this entire scenario and that to this untrained eye appears to be the oar in the water that is steering the discussion and argument.

War games and weakness!

In the law containing the sanctions that President Obama signed Saturday he apparently has been provided some wiggle room to waive penalties if it appears they are having to great an impact on the global energy markets and pushing prices appreciably higher.

Further Iran has warned that the imposition of any new sanctions would result in them closing the Strait of Hormuz to traffic, having what would likely be a catastrophic impact on world economies.

In summary what we appear to have are essentially toothless sanctions being added to the pile of prior sanctions that have not had any damn impact on Iran to date.

So as Sean Connery said in the movie The Untouchables, "Mr. President, what are you prepared to do!"

What will happen if and when Iran follows through with its threats in the Gulf, and just how stringently will the sanctions be followed in the first place anyway? Stringently enough to spark an Iranian reaction?

The world, and more specifically the United states, is being led into this crisis by a weak and inexperienced Commander in Chief who is in the final year of his term and is up for reelection.

How willing would President Obama be to do whatever needed to be done if it meant going back into war after having just pulled troops out of Iraq?

Will, as has been discussed here to many times in the past to count, we just continue down this road of empty threats while Iran continues down its nuclear road?

I suppose that ultimately my longwinded question is this;

Beyond doing whatever it takes in the political arena to try and achieve his desired end result, at the end of the day just what is President Obama "prepared to do" to actually protect this country and our allies against dangerous regimes bent on regional and global destruction?

And to be clear, "doing something" to resolve this or any crisis like this does not include empty rhetoric, the forte of this administration!

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  1. What would you suggest to stop Iran from developing their nuclear technology?

  2. Blow its nuclear sites out of existence!