Sunday, January 22, 2012

Game over: Islamists 70, Israel 0, Middle East?

Will the predictable results of the Arab Spring in Egypt be a major part of the State of the Union Speech? Unlikely!

Isn't it funny how President Obama was so present during the so-called Arab Spring and the assumed move by the people of Egypt towards a democratic form of government?

The leader of the free world was front and center demanding that Hosni Mubarak step down so that the free will of the people could take hold in a free election process.

Never mind that enormous questions existed at the time as to exactly who would ultimately take control of the Egyptian government and the impact that it could have on the region and our best ally and best friend (at least during most administrations) Israel if it turned out to be Islamist.

The fear here and in other thoughtful publications was that a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the Egypt government would occur coupled with the ramifications on the relative peace that has been enjoyed between that country and Israel for a long time.

But the President was so taken by the public relations opportunity presenting itself that he and other left-wing politicians trumpeted the virtues of this supposedly peaceful movement (ask Lara Logan her opinion on that premise) that was said to be taking place with the purpose of enacting change and an opportunity for freedom.

Change ... Now where have I heard that before?

60's radicals, OWS, Libya, Tunisia and of course the promise of change from our hopefully one-term leader in the White House Barack Obama?

The short and not-so-sweet results of the vote for the Egyptian Lower House of Parliament or the People's Assembly are in!

Islamist party-affiliated seats now occupy 70% of this governing body!

And the youth, aka those useful idiots and pawns for the Muslim Brotherhood, the ones who had helped to generate the momentum of the Arab Spring, well...

"...While the Muslim Brotherhood – which was banned under Hosni Mubarak – breaks into the political mainstream, twelve political unions were thrown overboard; several of them had represented the youth who toppled Mubarak’s regime back in February 2011..." (RT)

We will find out more on Monday when the new government has its first session!

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