Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dirty Secrets of Presidential Politics!

In an article at American Thinker John Ziegler presents his "Six Dirty Secrets of Presidential Politics" that he believes exist in general, and for the 2012 presidential election in particular!

According to Ziegler, these are some basic tenets of presidential politics that are critical to understand in order to understand the process.

Things that the mainstream media along with political operatives from both sides try their very hardest to exploit.

The list is presented below along with a link at the end to the article which contains a much more in-depth dissertation for each at American Thinker. Very interesting!

The Six Dirty Secrets of Presidential Politics, 2012!
  1. Ignorant votes rule! "No matter how politically incorrect it may to say out loud, there is absolutely no doubt that the voters who determine who wins our presidential elections are frighteningly lacking in even basic knowledge of the issues or the candidates..."
  2. Issues/Ideology Mean Very Little! "Thanks to "dirty little secret" number one, I find it almost hilarious that so many political commentators still desperately hang on to the delusion that voters (at least the ones who matter) make their decisions the same way that said commentators do. This reminds of me of the identical fallacy which occurs when a woman interprets the actions of a man based on the erroneous belief that his brain works like hers does..."
  3. The 2010 Midterms Are Largely Irrelevant! "The biggest political misunderstanding that most hardcore conservative voters have is that presidential elections are pretty much the same as the midterm variety. This is like comparing the NFL's Super Bowl with the Pro Bowl. Even though they are both football games, it would be difficult for them to be more unlike each other..."
  4. The Liberal Media's Influence Is Increasing! "The popular perception among most commentators is that the media's general influence is on the decline and that, therefore, liberals are slowly losing one of their most powerful political weapons. I have devoted most of the last four years of my life to proving that this premise is patently false..."
  5. Obama Will Be Much Tougher to Beat Than Perceived! "Even if the economy doesn't improve (or at least provide enough data for the media to manipulate into making it seem as if it is), Obama has at least a 50% chance at reelection. This assessment may be shocking to many conservatives, but it is based on sound analysis..."
  6. The Conservative Media Has an Incentive for Obama to Win! "The "dirtiest" little secret on my list is one that, because it is so obvious, I am astonished has not been mentioned in any significant way. In my experience, the most universal misconception that conservatives have about politics is that most of those in the "conservative media" or those who are "activists" are motivated primarily because they believe in the cause. Unfortunately, for many reasons too numerous to get into in this space, this is simply not the case. The vast majority of the decisions made in the conservative media and by activists are decided by business considerations rather than by what is best for the cause..."

Read the entire article here.

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