Sunday, January 15, 2012

Did you know that the world can be a scary place?

While people from every generation tend to say the same thing, the world today definitely seems much more unstable with many more flash-points than existed when I was growing up!

Today's examples with links to relevant external news sources:

Pakistan: Our "friends" the Pakistanis are currently involved in an internal feud between the military and the civilian government that some believe could lead to a coup attempt.

What happens in that country is concerning to the extent of who is controlling the nukes and just how far up in the military and government do Taliban and other terrorist sympathizers or actual operatives actually go.

From PakGlobe "Pakistan PM won't retract criticism of military" here.

Iraq: Following what seemed to many to be an early and politically motivated troop withdrawal from Iraq by President Obama, can that country capably govern itself or will it be ripe for an attempted move by Iran?

From AFP "Gunmen storm Iraq police compound" here.

Iran: This country has moved uranium enrichment facilities into a mountain while appearing to be getting closer and closer to a nuclear weapons capability and while continuing to make threats concerning closing down the Strait of Hormuz to ship traffic.

Both situations should be of great concern to all countries around the globe!

This by the way has all occurred under the watchful eye of the U.N. who the world has ceded the management of this grave problem to.

President Obama, never appearing to be a fan of Israel, is attempting to prevent that country from initiating a military strike against the Iranian nuclear facilities which would be a clear case of self-defense!

From DEBKAfile "U.S., Israel in open rift over Iran: Big joint military drill cancelled" here.

United States: If Mitt Romney is the best the Republican Party can do for a candidate to oppose Barack Obama in the 2012 election, then the United States faces the grave danger of a 2nd Obama term in the White House! That won't be good for anybody!

From The American Spectator "Why Romney is weak vs. Obama" here.

Coming soon a look at Greece, Nigeria, Japan, Mexico, Afghanistan, Israel, China.

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