Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Did the First Lady enjoy an "Obama" birthday burger last night?

What better way to enjoy a birthday than at a restaurant sporting a $28 Obama kobe burger!

The First Lady and the President went out like regular folks last night to a Washington steakhouse last night by the name of BLT Steak to celebrate Michelle's 48th birthday.

Forget about the fact that the menu sports a $28 kobe beef hamburger called, what else, The Obama.

The First Couple reportedly went in another direction with the American Wagyu steak at $81 a pop.

I don't know what that is but at the very least it sounds like it was created domestically!

The best part of the meal however are the comments about it at CNS News.

Here is a pu pu platter sampling some of the finer ones:

"What isn't mentioned is the amount of money spent to send the SS to the facility ahead of time to secure the area. The cost of fuel for the motorcade. The security detail inside and outside of the location. The cost of testing the food before and after preparation and delivery to the POTUS. This meal would cost the general American couple roughly $250 with drinks, tax and tip. This meal cost the entire nation THOUSANDS of dollars!! Thanks for looking out for the middle class BHO."

"Really disgusting--the emperor and his mistress living like pre-revolution French Royalty while so many are scraping by and looking for a job. Typical though."

"The Obama Burger"
Is made of real Kenyan beef sauteed in corruption. Flip flopped and blackened to perfection over an open flame of socialism. It changes color and tastes depending on where it's served in the country. Topped with lies, hatred for America, and a heaping layer of clueless!
Customary to serve it to the left of a big pile of peas!"

"Yum, I might go get one. Do they take food stamps?"

"Meanwhile, my company just canned 800 more people in its latest downsizing. But buck-up my unemployed brethren. There are apparently several lucrative restaurant jobs near the Obama's temporary DC address! Although the tips alone on the taxpayer-funded steaks may vault you into the notorious 1%."

"If she wanted to win the hearts of the "Commoners," she would have shared a meal at a Salvation Army soup kitchen."

"$81 for a flippin' steak? Living in the lap of luxury must be nice during the middle of a depression/recession. Such role models..."

And more at the link above!

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  1. Wow those comments are pretty stupid. Bush never ever went out to dinner. Ever. Everrrrr.

  2. Stupid might be just a little bit harsh but then I am guessing you're a lib so that would be the way your side rolls.

    Bush went out for dinner no doubt but no one has ever sponged in such luxury as these two on the taxpayers dime! Crawford ranch versus Hawaii, Matha's Vineyard, Michele to Spain, South Africa, Vail, Panama City, etc.

    There is no way to even compare the two!

    Another example from ABC News from the Hawaii vacation:

    The Obamas have been drawing heat for their 17-day Hawaiian holiday, estimated by some media outlets to cost taxpayers $4 million.

    But the criticism doesn’t stop there. Now first lady Michelle Obama is under scrutiny for her high-end fashion choices.

    For the Christmas Day church service at the Kaneohe Bay Marine Base, Mrs. Obama was photographed in a seemingly simple white sundress with red and yellow stripes. The dress, however, was by French-born, U.S.-based designer Sophie Theallet, and would have cost the first lady almost $2,000 when she bought it in 2009. More recent designs by Theallet sell for even more.

    For the meet-and-greet with service members and their families in a nearby mess hall later in the day, Mrs. Obama dressed down — in a printed green $950 Comme des Garcons skirt with bag waist.

    Some see the first lady’s penchant for expensive labels at odds with her reputation as a bargain shopper who frequents J. Crew and Target.

    One comment on the Naked DC website read: “She claims to be a champion of the poor and a fellow bargain shopper, but yet, here she is, sporting a dress that no unemployed American can afford.”

    President Barack Obama’s dinner last night with the first lady and friends was similarly out of range for many Americans. The group dined at Alan Wong’s Restaurant, an upscale eatery that specializes in Hawaiian Regional Cuisine and is a favorite of the first couple.

    The Obama party ordered off a special 5-course tasting menu for $75 a person — $105 per person with wine pairings for each course. Highlights included”Sassey Salad” and bacon-wrapped pork loin, one appetizer and a sample of three butters from three local dairies.

  3. You guys are all so full of your own shit. Barak gets a SALARY, like every President does. Tax payers do not pay for his every move and personal choice. He pays for it with his own money, from the job he applied for and got. Study every receipt, cry a fucking river and name me the last President that was a poor man like yourselves!