Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Commander-in-Chief cares little for those he commands!

Christmas Day Flashback!

Of course another Presidential round of golf takes precedence over Marines spending Christmas at home with their families!

Part of the job description of a chief executive in any organization is to maintain the morale of those who work under them.

Sometimes this may mean making what to them is the ultimate sacrifice of missing a round of golf so that others need not be at work.

Not Barack Obama! Nothing gets in the way of his enjoyment no matter how many soldiers are affected!

It's just business as usual at the Obama White House where it's First Family first and those around them are a mere afterthought!

From Dr. Melissa Clouthier comes this tale about President Scrooge and the Christmas Day round:

"President Obama might be the most selfish president ever. Instead of staying home with his family, President Obama had to go golfing on Christmas day.

Big deal, you say?

Well, the big deal is that a bunch of Marines had to work–blocking roads and doing other miscellaneous security detail–instead of being home with their families.

Here are some of the comments from the wives of these men. (I am not going to include the link to this page, nor am I going to include names, because I don’t want anyone in trouble. I do, however, have the screen shot and have copy and pasted the comments verbatim.)

“You also have to understand that, a lot of people were unable to get to their homes during Christmas Eve, Christmas and even today. That’s a major inconvenience for families trying to enjoy their holiday. Also all of those guys out there missed out on Christmas, leaving their wives and children at home alone so the President can play golf. It may not affect you, or be important to you, but to the families affected it’s a sensitive subject and frankly I feel that people are allowed to be upset by that. You are entitled to your own opinion, but you really should consider expressing your opinion in a different way. Cursing and calling people names isn’t respectable...” Read the rest here.


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