Monday, February 28, 2011

Gaddafi rant put to music in YouTube video "Zenga Zenga" (Video)

YouTube video of a Gaddafi rant put to music

Made in Israel and embraced by the Arab world.

From the New York Times (H/T Mish)

"A satirical YouTube clip mocking Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s megalomania is fast becoming a popular token of the Libya uprising across Middle East. And in an added affront to Colonel Qaddafi, it was created by an Israeli living in Tel Aviv.

Noy Alooshe, 31, an Israeli journalist, musician and Internet buff, said he saw Colonel Qaddafi’s televised speech last Tuesday in which the Libyan leader vowed to hunt down protesters “inch by inch, house by house, home by home, alleyway by alleyway,” and immediately identified it as a “classic hit.”

“He was dressed strangely, and he raised his arms” like at a trance party, Mr. Alooshe said in a telephone interview on Sunday. Then there were Colonel Qaddafi’s words with their natural beat.

Mr. Alooshe spent a few hours at the computer, using Auto-Tune pitch corrector technology to set the speech to the music of “Hey Baby,” a 2010 electro hip-hop song by American rapper Pitbull, featuring another artist, T-Pain. He titled it “Zenga-Zenga,” echoing Col. Qaddafi’s repetition of the word zanqa, Arabic for alleyway.

Mr. Alooshe said he was a little worried that if the Libyan leader survived, he could send one of his sons after him. But he said it was “also very exciting to be making waves in the Arab world as an Israeli.”

As one surfer wrote in an Arabic talkback early Sunday, “What’s the problem if he’s an Israeli? The video is still funny.” He signed off with the international cyber-laugh, “Hahaha.”

If you think Obama dropped the ball in Libya and the Middle East, what would he do with social unrest in China?

If you thought the Obama response to Libya was painfully slow and painfully impotent, how do you suppose he would deal with a social uprising taking place in China?

The unrest in Libya was days old and increasingly violent before President Obama finally got around to making a public statement. In the eventual speech in which he neglected to name the despot dictator Gaddafi by name, there was "no passion in his voice, no anger in his eyes and his actual words are (were), unfortunately, the fodder for the jokes of late-night comedians (TPC).

At the end of the day the excuse given by the administration for the President's reaction was that American's were still in Libya and to respond overtly would have put them in more danger.

Once these Americans were out however, the extent of Obama's response was the imposition of sanctions on a man who the consensus agrees is certifiably insane. Who, along with his son, have said that they will fight to the death. Who have hired mercenaries and have armed loyalists to kill unarmed protesters.

What effect does Obama believe that these sanctions will have on Gaddafi?

Lest I forget, the President also made the following statement, not to Gaddafi but to Angela Merkel of Germany. Again, this is akin to telling Hitler that he needed to step down:

“... when a leader's only means of staying in power is to use mass violence against his own people, he has lost the legitimacy to rule and needs to do what is right for his country by leaving now"

Author's note to President Obama: Your actions to date in the Libyan crisis and around the Middle East have been a national embarrassment.

Speaking of Libya goes I would suggest a Plan B to sanctions as the leader of that country is insane, mad, unhinged, sick, disturbed, demented, crazy, delirious, and unbalanced, rendering sanctions useless.

Middle East style unrest in China?

Now, if you are disgusted by the Obama administration reaction to events in the Middle East, a region that is critical to United States national interests and those of our allies, how do you suppose it will respond in the event social unrest rises to a crisis level in China?

The Middle East is energy. China is everything else. As stated before the United States has been placed, or more accurately placed itself, in a position with China whereby the communist country could potentially bring us to our knees without ever having to fire a shot.

It can only be assumed that the Chinese government will not allow anything that even remotely looks like Middle East style social unrest to foment there, but as we have seen it can sometimes be beyond a governments control to stop it.

Power of the Chinese government on display

This was occurring Sunday in Beijing, China (courtesy of The Globe and Mail):

"... But a few blocks away the other China – the unreformed police state – was in full view for anyone who happened to spend their Sunday on the popular Wangfujing pedestrian mall near Tiananmen Square.

Spooked by calls for a “jasmine revolution” in China, hundreds of police (and more than 100 police vehicles) were deployed around the expected protest site, checking passports, detaining foreign journalists and locking hundreds of bewildered shoppers inside a McDonald’s restaurant and a nearby mall for half an hour around the time the demonstration was scheduled to begin.

Foreign reporters who made it through the dragnet were chased in circles by orange-jacketed men with brooms, who seemed more intent on whacking people on the ankles than sweeping any dust. Soon there was no dust – and few pedestrians – left on Wangfujing after a row of water trucks drove up and down Beijing's busiest shopping street giving it a lengthy and unnecessary mid-Sunday afternoon spray.

Human rights groups say police have also questioned or detained more than 100 people, since the first calls for a “jasmine revolution” began circulating online last weekend. Five individual are said to be facing subversion or national security charges.

The display of force made any sort of public protest impossible Sunday, and called into question the future of the movement hoping to spark a popular uprising against the Communist Party akin to those sweeping the Middle East. While a crowd of several hundred people gathered at a designated protest site in Shanghai amid a similarly heavy police presence, there were no reports of demonstrations in 25 other cities targeted by the unnamed “jasmine” organizers..."

Sunday, February 27, 2011

TPC is now a member of the Technorati Top 100 World Politics blogs

The Political Commentator (TPC) is proud to be a member of the Top 100 Technorati blogs in World Politics

The Political Commentator has broken into the Top 100 World Politics blogs category at Technorati debuting in the number 81 spot.

The Politics/World blogs at Technorati can be found here.

Blogging Rule # 5 aka how to get 1 million hits to your blog

Blogging Rule # 5 or how to drive eyes to ALL of your articles

If you write a blog that puts forth the most credible and important political analysis on a story with national or global impact, it can't resonate in peoples minds if no one is reading it.

Something along the lines of "if a blogger writes an article in the woods but there is no one there to read it does he still make a point?" The answer to that is for the most part no!

You get my drift. I was reading an article from The Other McCain that was written in 2009 with the title "How to get a Million Hits on Your Blog in Less Than a Year." It laid out a clear and cogent methodology for successful blogging. This is defined, as I said before, as how efficient one has become at driving eyes to your content and by extension to your thoughts and ideas.

Of the Five Rules laid out in The Other McCain I am happy to report that I am pretty much covering numbers 1 through 4 fairly well. Blogging Rule 5, however, not so much.

The basic point of Blogging Rule 5 is that no matter how focused people are on the subject of politics, nobody can face it 24/7. That there needs to be an occasional story written for no other reason than to provide some entertainment for your readers. Thus, we have Rule 5.

Rule 5 in its entirety

5. Christina Hendricks

Or Anne Hathaway or Natalie Portman or Sarah Palin bikini pics. Rule 5 actually combines four separate principles of blogospheric success:

A. Everybody loves a pretty girl -- It's not just guys who enjoy staring at pictures of hotties. If you've ever picked up Cosmo or Glamour, you realize that chicks enjoy looking at pretty girls, too. (NTTAWWT.) Maybe it's the vicious catty she-thinks-she's-all-that factor, or the schadenfreude of watching a human trainwreck like Britney Spears, but no one can argue that celebrity babes generate traffic. Over at Conservative Grapevine, the most popular links are always the bikini pictures. And try as I might to make "logical arguments" for tax cuts, wouldn't you rather watch Michelle Lee Muccio make those arguments?

B. Mind the MEGO factor -- All politics all the time gets boring after a while. Observant readers will notice that the headlines at Hot Air often feature silly celebrity tabloid stuff and News Of The Weird. Even a stone political junkie cannot subsist on a 24/7 diet of politics. The occasional joke, the occasional hot babe, the occasional joke about a hot babe -- it's a safety valve to make sure we don't become humorless right-wing clones of those Democratic Underground moonbats.

C. Sex sells -- Back when I was blogging to promote Donkey Cons (BUY TWO!), I accidentally discovered something via SiteMeter: Because the subtitle of the book is "Sex, Crime, and Corruption in the Democratic Party," we were getting traffic from people Googling "donkey+sex." You'd be surprised at the keyword combinations that bring traffic to a political blogger who understands this. Human nature being what it is, the lowest common denominator is always there, even if it's sublimated or reverse-projected as puritanical indignation, which brings us to . . .

D. Feminism sucks -- You can never go wrong in the blogosphere by having a laugh at the expense of feminists. All sane people hate feminism, and no one hates feminism more than smart, successful, independent women who've made it on their own without all that idiotic "Sisterhood Is Powerful" groupthink crap. And if you are one of those fanatical weirdos who takes that Women's Studies stuff so seriously that you're offended by Stephen Green's sexist objectification of Christina Hendricks and her mighty bosom -- well, sweetheart, to paraphrase Rhett Butler: "You should be offended, and often, and by someone who knows how."

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Economic desperation and mob robberies? (Video)

During a disaster it would be called looting. What would it be called if it happened due simply to economic desperation and a family with hungry mouths to feed?

Looting can occur during a mass population dislocation caused by a natural disaster such as Hurricane Katrina.

The blackout of 1977 in New York City also created an environment where widespread looting took place although the people never left. This because law enforcement was spread so thin, could not possibly deal with the volume of crime and therefore needed to prioritize.

These were crimes that occurred primarily due to an opportunity presenting itself. Had there been no hurricane or blackout it is probable to assume that there would have been no looting.

What if looting began to take place not due to opportunity, but due to desperation?

What would you call looting that was occurring, not because of one specific event, but because of the hunger brought on by economic desperation. In America people do not generally know of this type of desperation. While too many people in the country do currently go to bed hungry, the vast majority do not. But...

  • What if you lost your job, had no savings and had kids to feed?
  • What if you were on food stamps but food prices spiked 50% and the food stamps were no longer enough to put food on the table three times a day?
  • What if the cities, strapped by massive budget deficits, had to cut programs that had been feeding the people?
  • What if food shortages began to hit the supermarkets, hoarding of food was taking place and people could simply not find enough food?
What would large groups of people rushing a food store to take what they could carry be called? Looting or something else? Perhaps something like mob robberies? Could the United States be slipping into an economic condition where these mob robberies will become just another story on the local news?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Can a president be sued for malpractice? More specifically this President!

Why would a citizen of the United States want to sue any President for malpractice?

In the litigious society that we live in lawsuits can be pursued for many reasons, some legitimate and some so frivolous as to boggle the minds of sensible people.

Is the act of suing a sitting president for malpractice even possible? Would the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) come into play?

For what reason and with what justification, would a citizen of the United States even consider a malpractice suit against a president?

Possibly because a president is in effect the nations CEO and ultimately responsible for the performance, or lack of performance of the country. That when it comes to the domestic tranquility of the United States and our national and homeland security, the buck stops there!

While presidents will typically do their level best to discharge their responsibilities in a way they feel is best for the country, some situations and events occur that are simply beyond their control. President Bush and the attacks on 9/11 comes to mind.

So I ask again why, if he or she is doing their best for the country and are receiving the best counsel possible, would anyone blame a president if things don't go perfectly for the country? Isn't that a standard that is impossible to be held to?

Maybe so, but what happens when a citizen believes that a president is not doing his level best to perform the duties of the office? When a citizen may in fact believe that a president is actually performing his duties in a deliberate fashion with the goal of hurting the interests of the United States and her citizens?

Would that be grounds? Here is a list of reasons large and small that I have thought of concerning President Obama that is no doubt incomplete. Are these the actions of a President with the country's best interests in mind, or with some other agenda all together?
  1. The decision to hold the terror trials in New York,
  2. AWOL on Iran and that country's apparent imminent acquisition of a nuclear weapons capability and warhead delivery system (WSJ),
  3. Anemic and impotent handling of the current meltdown in the Middle East,
  4. Massive amounts of deficit spending accompanied by massive deficits for the purpose of pursuing his socialist agenda,
  5. The lack of any jobs creation although he continues to say that jobs creation is his primary focus,
  6. The economy continuing to drift,
  7. The failed $1 trillion stimulus that was implemented to avoid a drifting economy,
  8. Pandering to the unions who are his largest base for political contributions. As a result his helping foment social unrest around the country that began in Wisconsin,
  9. Telegraphing to the world when we will be leaving Iraq and Afghanistan supplying critical intelligence to the enemy,
  10. Destroying U.S. relationships with key allies,
  11. The weak and slow federal response to the BP oil spill,
  12. Imposition of a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the aforementioned oil spill costing jobs and impeding any hopes of energy independence,
  13. The ramming through of Obamacare,
  14. The ceding of U.S. national security to the United Nations,
  15. Czar appointments consisting of far left-wing cronies and other administration appointees who had difficulty paying taxes,
  16. Succumbing to Russian pressure and giving up our missile defense program in Eastern Europe, receiving nothing in return,
  17. Embarrassing the country as the apologist President,
  18. Limiting himself to the counsel of a small number of advisors while running one of the most partisan presidency's in recent memory,
  19. Buzzing the Statue of Liberty with Air Force One.
Some additional reasons discovered in this article at PajamasMedia titled "Well-Meaning or not, Obama threatens America."

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Saturday numbers: Internet crime statistics for 2010

As comfortable as most of us have gotten buying and selling merchandise online, FBI statistics say "buyer beware of cyber crime!"

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), in conjunction with the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center (NWC3), issued a report on internet crime for 2010. IC3 had received over 300,000 complaints during the 2010. Some of the findings of the report and some of the alerts that had been sent out during the year are included below:

Additional highlights from the report (from IC3):

  • Most victims filing complaints were from the U.S., male, between 40 and 59 years old, and residents of California, Florida, Texas, or New York. Most international complainants were from Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, or India.
  • In cases where perpetrator information was available, nearly 75 percent were men and more than half resided in California, Florida, New York, Texas, the District of Columbia, or Washington state. The highest numbers of perpetrators outside this country were from the United Kingdom, Nigeria, and Canada.
  • After non-delivery of payment/merchandise, scams impersonating the FBI, and identity theft, rounding out the top 10 crime types were: computer crimes, miscellaneous fraud, advance fee fraud, spam, auction fraud, credit card fraud, and overpayment fraud.

The report also contained information on some of the alerts sent out by the IC3 during 2010 in response to new scams or to an increase in established scams, including those involving:

  • Telephone calls claiming victims are delinquent on payday loans. More
  • Online apartment and house rental and real estate scams used to swindle consumers out of thousands of dollars. More
  • Denial-of-service attacks on cell phones and landlines used as a ruse to access victims’ bank accounts. More
  • Fake e-mails seeking donations to disaster relief efforts after last year’s earthquake in Haiti. More

State by state details can ve found at the IC3 link above.

Does FEMA know something you and I don't know?

FEMA is apparently trying to stockpile hundreds of millions of MRE's (meals ready to eat)

In light of the Saudi student arrested in Texas on charges of plotting terrorist attacks throughout the United States.

In light of global food prices rising 29% in the last year and now only 3% from the all-time high that was reached in 2008.

In light of riots that have begun in parts of the world over these very food prices that make this basic human need unaffordable.

In light of solar flares that have recently disrupted the electric grid in China.

Does FEMA and the federal government know something that you and I don't know?

Is there scientific knowledge of a Katrina size solar super-storm? A storm, were it to occur, that researchers anticipate would cause a widespread national power outage. Such an outage, if it lasted for any significant length of time, could lead to “disruption of the transportation, communication, banking and finance system, and government services; the breakdown of the distribution potable water owing to pump failure; and the loss of perishable foods and medications from a loss of refrigeration…” (globalpost)

With increased chatter on terrorist networks does the government have more than just anecdotal information of an impending terror attack?

Is there fear in the federal government that not only won't food prices recede but that they will continue to rise coupled with food shortages?

Here is a report of government food hoarding activity and you make up your own mind

"... One of the nation's largest suppliers of dehydrated food has cut loose 99% of their dealers and distributors. And it's not because of the poor economy. It's because this particular industry leader can no longer supply their regular distribution channels. Why not? Because they're using every bit of manufacturing capacity they have to fulfill massive new government contracts...

... Earlier this month, FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) put out a Request for Proposal, or RFP, for even more dehydrated food. The RFP called for a 10-day supply of meals - for 14 million people. That's 420 million meals. Typically, FEMA maintains a stockpile of about 6 million meals. Why the sudden need to increase the stockpile by 420 million more...

... In this economic climate, you would expect FEMA also to be minimizing expenses. But clearly, they're not. If you do the math, the approximate tab for 420 million meals comes to about a billion dollars.

What is so urgent that FEMA is spending a billion dollars on survival food..." (The Beaufort Observer)

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Sanctions imposed on Libya? That's the Obama administration answer?

Are you kidding me?

The madman Gaddafi who appears to have little grasp on reality is slaughtering his citizens in the streets.

The Obama administration solution? Sanctions! The same sanctions that have never worked anywhere else in the world are being imposed to stop the slaughter being conducted by a leader who has absolutely nothing to lose.

It is absolutely unbelievable just how inept this President is.

Note: If anyone thought that it would be incredibly difficult to find a Press Secretary worse than Robert Gibbs, they may have accomplished it with Jay Carney!

Q&A: Who said it Charlie Sheen or Moammar Gaddafi?

Given the lunacy of each it may not be as easy as it seems!

Listening to a speech given by Gaddafi is an exercise in trying to translate the rantings of a lunatic. Charlie Sheen on the other hand isn't all that much better. This $2 MM an episode product of Hollywood fantasy life said the following:

That Alcoholics Anonymous is a "bootleg cult"

On marriage that "Like in baseball, 'the score board doesn't lie" and on the media

That "... they lay down with their ugly wives in front of their ugly children and just look at their loser lives and then they look at me ..."

Who said it, Sheen or Gaddafi (courtesy of The Stir)

1.) Who said it?

We won't lose victory from these greasy rats and cats ... They should be given a lesson and stop taking drugs. They're not good for you, for your heart.

2.) Who said it?

Unarmed incidents in Waco were dealt with by force ... The Davidian cults in Waco were dealt with by armed vehicles.

3.) Who said it?

You can kill me, but you do not have the right to judge me.

4.) Who said it?

Anyone who undermines the constitution shall be put to death.

5.) Who said it?

I'm an F-18, bro. And I will destroy you in the air. I will deploy my ordinance to the ground.

6.) Who said it?

There must be a world revolution which puts an end to all materialistic conditions hindering woman from performing her natural role in life and driving her to carry out man's duties in order to be equal in rights.

7.) Who said it?

If you're part of my family, I will love you violently. If you infiltrate and try to hurt my family, I will murder you violently.

8.) Who said it?

You have absolute total resolve about your decisions if you love with violence and you hate with violence.

Answers: 1: Gaddafi; 2: Gaddafi; 3: Sheen; 4: Gaddafi; 5: Sheen; 6: Gaddafi; 7: Sheen; 8: Sheen

Interactive map of the Middle East for ethnocentric Americans

The who's who of the Middle East

Because we are ethnocentric Americans we can be excused for knowing that there is violence in the Middle East, but for not really knowing anything about the players involved.

We know all about Snooki and the other fine people on Jersey Shore, American Idol and of course Lady Gaga. But this other stuff all the way on the other side of the world? Out of sight, out of mind!

We have heard the names Egypt and Mubarak, maybe Libya too, but does it really matter? It's time for the weekend and plans have to be made. Where to go and what to do are the thoughts that dominate the mind on a Friday, right?

Never mind that this violence may affect our lives in the form of higher gas prices at the pump, higher food prices in the supermarket and higher prices in the stores where we buy just about everything else. That this crisis may take what has been a tepid at best economic recovery and put the country back into a downward spiral.

What??? Now that's a crisis put into terms even we can understand right?

To make it a little bit easier, this map provided by the good people at The Economist may help if questions ever arise at a cocktail party over the weekend.

Flashback: Obama, his Muslim faith, buyers remorse and more (Video)

June 24, 2010 I wrote this:

"... The Controversy Over President Obama's Muslim Faith Does Not Go Away Even In Light Of the Gen. McChrystal Controversy

As with most controversial issues that surround this President both now, and during the campaign for the office that he currently holds as leader of the free world, the mainstream media has covered none of them with any depth if at all.

During the campaign we had the Reverend Wright, William Ayers and other questions about now President Obama's past. None were covered because of the country's desire, led by the media, for the "yes we can" man of "change" to get this office.

Jews, liberal by nature, fell over themselves to get this man elected president. Buyers remorse? I think so, particularly in light of the President's apparent affinity for the Palestinians and disdain for Israel, but it is now too late. The security of our homeland is now in the hands of this man over whom many questions still remain.

Is He Catholic Or Is He Not? Does That Even Matter?

The Egyptian PM In An Interview Says He Was Told By The Man Himself That He Is Muslim.

The Question Is, Does President Obama Have The Best Interests Of The United States And Our Allies At Heart?...You Make The Call..."

Buyers remorse or be careful what you wish for

From the time President Obama was elected President I would ask my Jewish friends in the "hood" that I live in if they had any regrets for their choice. If they had any feeling of that old marketing phrase of buyers remorse.

Predictably the response would be along the lines of give him time. It takes time to reverse the mess that Bush got us into. Rome wasn't built in a day they would say and the results of the last eight years of Bush couldn't be resolved that quickly either.

What about the Reverend Wright, the questionable associations with radicals, his lack of a resume, the fact that his past in terms of religion and place of birth is so sketchy? Is he really a friend of Israel I would say?

The fact is that Jews and New York and Florida Jews in particular are liberals. That is what they were brought up as and that is how they will die. They vote democrat and Obama was the made for T.V. ideal for them. Could a liberal have found any more suitable candidate than Obama, particularly after a strong national defense President like Bush?

Bush made some mistakes as any president will, but there was never any doubt about his love for the country. I have said it before and I will say it again that I don't believe Obama loves the country. I believe that he and his far-left radical cronies love an ideology that they have tried to cram down the county's throat.

In office he found two very willing accomplices in Reed and Pelosi who helped him to fulfill much of his socialist agenda. He has, on his own, helped to foment the internal social strife we are currently facing by overreaching his authority in the union unrest (maybe his largest contributer base) and has done absolutely nothing positive to attempt to deal with the potentially catastrophic events overseas.

Is this all part of a greater master plan that the President has to weaken the nation? Is Glenn Beck right when he questions the President's allegiances, religion, place of birth and agenda?

Is this just the talk of a nut conspiracy theorist? The mainstream media would have you believe that because the mainstream media has been under the President's spell since the day he announced his plans to run for the office of President of the United States.

If Glenn Beck is a right-wing, conspiracy theorizing nut job then color me one as well. If you actually open your mind and listen to the words of men like Beck and Limbaugh instead of tuning them out because that is what you have been instructed and schooled to do, you will learn things and hear things that might surprise you and scare you.

Look around and ask yourself if the potentially cataclysmic events occurring around the world just happened by chance or if there was a chain of events that helped to bring them on. Then ask yourself where all the links in the chain are and the answer might surprise and scare you!

An Obama slip of the tongue from a man who is very careful never to have one

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The 9/11 Memorial Museum and the respect due the unidentified victims

Follow-up to the New York premier of the Geller/Spencer film, "The Ground Zero Mosque - Second Wave of the 911 Attacks"

After the screening of the movie, "The Ground Zero Mosque - Second Wave of the 911 Attacks" (see story here), family members and friends of those who perished spoke of their loved ones and the planned 9/11 Memorial Museum to be part of the Ground Zero site.

Like many things that get promised, those promises that were made concerning the treatment of the unidentified human remains of those murdered in this terrorist attack are currently not being kept. Below is the text from the home page of the website that describes the promises that were made and what seem to be promises that have since been broken.

Let the leaders of National September 11th Memorial and Museum (NS11MM) know how you feel.

Promises Not Kept

As many of you are aware, over 1,100 World Trade Center victims still remain missing. Many of the missing are among the unidentified human remains currently in the possession of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Especially for those families without recoveries, the anticipated repository for the unidentified remains at Ground Zero is immensely important and sacred. They have no cemetery to visit.

The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) publicly committed to return the unidentified remains to Ground Zero and to provide a separate accessible space to serve as a final resting place for the unidentified remains from the World Trade center site. In addition, they committed to a setting that was "separate and distinct from other memorial structures like a museum or visitor center." Many 9/11 family members took these commitments at face value, believing that a "memorial tomb of the unknowns" or the like would be created at Ground Zero. We never thought that our loved ones would be placed in a tourist destination—the National September 11th Memorial and Museum (NS11MM), a private non-profit organization—along with artifacts and displays, and pointed out to visitors.

As the NS11MM moves towards completion, details are just beginning to emerge about specific design elements of the facility. Last spring, several 9/11 family group leaders attended a lecture by Alice Greenwald, Director of the Memorial Museum. Among other design elements that we found deeply concerning and inappropriate, we were appalled to learn that the unidentified human remains will be inside the museum itself, and will be a "programmatic element" among the other museum artifacts and displays. This was a shocking revelation to us: we knew nothing about plans to relocate the human remains to such an extremely inaccessible location. They will be placed at the bottom of the museum (70 feet below ground), behind a "memorial wall" which will be pointed out to all tourists and visitors at the Museum as containing the remains of our loved ones!

In the first few years after 9/11, many families advocated that the unidentified human remains be returned to Ground Zero, to be interred in a type of "tomb of the unknowns." At that time, the families fully believed that this tomb, and indeed the memorial itself, would be above ground where it belonged. We all believed that the human remains would be interred in a respectful and accessible location at Ground Zero. We never thought our loved ones remains would be made part of a museum!

Fundamentally, the choice about the final disposition of our loved ones' human remains at Ground Zero should be solely in the hands of the family members. It is through proper, ethical consultation with all family members that this decision must be made.

Recently, several 9/11 family group leaders met with the NS11MM to discuss the fundamental need for consultation with all 2,749 families concerning the disposition of the human remains at Ground Zero. While the NSMM11 itself is still deciding whether or not to consult with all 2,749 families, we would like to know how you feel. We ask that you complete the form below and send it back to us, including any comments that you may have.

We also ask that all 9/11 family members contact the NS11MM leaders President Joseph Daniels and Director Alice Greenwald. We must demand that they conduct a thorough and transparent consultation with all 2,749 WTC families, offering them choices and requesting their input, as decisions are made regarding the human remains of their loved ones.

Thank you for your continued support.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A joke that in some countries could get me killed

Fortunately for me it is a joke that involves the Catholic Church, the Pope and President Obama so I think that I am in the clear!

A Good Catholic Joke

The Pope and Obama are on the same stage in Yankee Stadium in front of a huge crowd.

The Pope leans towards Mr. Obama and said, "Do you know that with one
little wave of my hand I can make every person in this crowd go wild with joy?

This joy will not be a momentary display, but will go deep into their hearts
and they'll forever speak of this day and rejoice!"

Obama replied, "I seriously doubt that! With one little wave of your hand....Show me!"

So the Pope backhanded him and knocked him off the stage!


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Gaddafi flees Libya! Obama speech credited with departure! (Video)

This title of course could not be further from the truth.

In order to find out why President Obama is the fodder for comedic material on late-night television, why he was totally and completely unprepared for the job he now holds and why United States foreign policy does not seem to exist, all you have to do is watch the video of his speech on Libya yesterday.

As a tease, let's just say that there is no passion in his voice, no anger in his eyes and his actual words are, unfortunately, the fodder for the jokes of late-night comedians (I said that already didn't I?).

There is a bonus at the end of the article, or maybe it's a punishment, of a sampling of Twitter tweets made during the speech!

A short summary of the problem in Libya

Dateline Libya: A madman who wants to die a martyr is indiscriminately killing his own citizens who are demanding his head. This same madman, according to one of his former ministers, ordered the shooting down of the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland. The dictator's son, in a speech broadcast around the world, said that if the protesters do not stop there will be blood in the streets. Did I mention that this despot has held power for decades.

This is the same man who, says German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has declared war on his own people. Who in a rambling televised speech looked as if he had taken one too many puffs on the hookah pipe.

I use the term madman and other non-specific terms only because in his speech it appeared that President Obama did not seem to know the madman's name or simply declined to use it. Out of respect to our President, I do the same!

Now that your interest is peeked, here is a short excerpt from the Obama speech

"... The suffering and bloodshed is outrageous, and it is unacceptable. So are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters and further punish the people of Libya. These actions violate international norms and every standard of common decency. This violence must stop.

The United States also strongly supports the universal rights of the Libyan people. That includes the rights of peaceful assembly, free speech and the ability of the Libyan people to determine their own destiny. These are human rights. They are not negotiable..."

By now you are either laughing, hiding your head in shame or crying because this country with Obama at the helm is in deep trouble.

The video of the speech that took days to make, and the tweets below it.

Obama condemns use of Violence n Libya adding "The entire world is watching". Isnt the "watching" piece that got us where we freekin are!

Obama offered nothing to Libya, he is just selling nice words in silly way, and insulted us #Libya #Gaddafi #Obama #SecClinton #Tripoli

Is it a coincidence that Obama waited to condemn the violence in Libya till the UN did so on Tuesday?

Gaddafi was surely worried about US military intervention--instead, Obama announces a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council #Libya

After 9 days of silence, commenting on Libya Obama fails to condemn or mention genocidal Gaddafi by name. Strange. || #Obama #Gaddafi #Libya

I am tired to see obama speech he need to take actions in LIBYA RIGHT NOW!

It is a nice thing that Obama has finally involve in the crises in Libya. But we wish he was clearer on his plan of action.

Obama finally comes out with a statement on Libya now that the outcome looks certiain

hey #Obama the world has been watching #Libya for 8 days. #hardlydecisive

@seedsown the thing in times like these how soon is soon enough!? #Feb17 #Libya #Egypt #Obama #Algeria

#Obama took no questions after he made his statement on #Libya. #Clinton made no statement.

#Bahrain & #Yemen were NOT in Obama's speech on #Libya. Urged for peaceful transition to democracy in #Tunis & #Egypt.

@aldamario Lets see what Obama does... Im bettin nothing but a stern look and a tongue lashing.. YOU? #p2 #tcot #ocra #teaparty

One common thing between #Obama & #Gaddafi: Both speeches are useless! #Libya #Feb17

#Obama basically said US won't irritate #Gaddafi until US citizens are out. Should have been out long time ago. Will he ever act? #Libya

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