Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Watcher's Council personal ads edition!

Who, what and why is the Watcher's Council?

The Watcher's Council is proud to present this weeks edition consisting of 36 articles discussing events occurring around the globe that provide the best of conservative opinion, analysis and thought all in one convenient location!

Each week, first thing Wednesday morning, we the members of the Watcher's Council make known our two articles for public consumption; one of our own (Council) and one from somewhere around the blogosphere (Non-Council) that address issues we feel are particularly timely and important to present.

After a secret ballot among the members, Friday morning the winners in each category are announced and the grand prize of the appreciation of our peers is awarded! Stay tuned!

For this week:

Council Submissions

The Colossus of Rhodey – Looks like U.D. still hasn’t fully learned its lesson

The Political Commentator – The Captured U.S. RQ-170 drone in Iran! Why is Jimmy Carter smiling?

The Noisy Room – A Square Deal in a Round Hole

Simply Jews – History (n.), historians (n.)

Rhymes With Right – Another Dumb-Ass Rick Perry Comment

New Zeal – Communist Economist John Case Praises Obama’s Osawatomie Speech

GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD – Art Of Containment

The Right Planet – To Obama: Good Resentment v. Bad Resentment

Right TruthBeans And Rice

VA Right - Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

The Razor – Higher Education Bubble: Trades Under Pressure from Illegal Immigration

Bookworm Room – My Mother’s War, Courtesy Of Pearl Harbor

The Glittering Eye -Whatever Happened to Dystopia?

Joshuapundit-Can Men And Women Be Just Friends??

The Mellow Jihadi – Fracking Butter and the EPA’s Fracking Report

Honorable Mentions

912 Super Seniors – American Jobs and Energy Sacrificed to Obama’s Political Ambitions

Maggie’s NotebookBarack Obama John Drew: Obama Missing Link – Obama Ardent Marxist Leninist

Ask Marion – The DNC’s Christmas Gift to Newt Gingrich

Capitalist Preservation – Considering Our Choices

Non-Council Submissions

Discriminations – Graduate School Administrators Unwittingly Parody Themselves submitted by The Colossus of Rhodey

Melanie Phillips -The Algorithm of Malice submitted by The Political Commentator

Mark SteynA future looted to bribe the present submitted by The Noisy Room

Harry’s Place – Did The Guardian’s Seumas Milne spend his gap year training at a PFLP camp in Beirut? submitted by Simply Jews

The Volokh Conspiracy – Proposed Constitutional Amendment Would Ban Editorials About Candidates or Ballot Measures by Nearly All Newspapers submitted by Rhymes with Right

JR Nyquist – The Mafia That Rules Russia: An Interview With Luke Harding submitted by New Zeal

Wings Over Iraq – Well, it’s official: The Beast has been captured submitted by GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD

The Ulsterman Report – There Is A Very Uneasy Peace Between President Obama And The American Military submitted by The Right Planet

HyScience -Obama Administration Giving Islamists a Say Over Our Right to Free Speech submitted by Right Truth

Yid With Lid – MMFA’s Chief Jew Hater MJ Rosenberg Becomes a Self-Parody submitted by VA Right

Powerline –Was Fast and Furious All About Gun Control? submitted by The Razor

Wall Street Journal/Bret Stephens-A Lesson Before Dying submitted by Bookworm Room

William Voegeli/NoLeftTurns – Osawatomie’s Dichotomies submitted by The Glittering Eye

Barry Rubin – Middle East: We’re Going to Have a Revolution and We Can Do it the Hard Way or the Easy Way submitted by Joshuapundit

Bayou Renaissance Man –Self-defense: things happen so fast! submitted by The Mellow Jihadi

Liberty’s Spirit – Obfuscated History submitted by The Watcher

Jihad Watch – Muslim students threaten, force resignation of prof who quoted from Islamic texts submitted by The Watcher

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