Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Watcher's Council Pearl Harbor Anniversary edition

Who, what and why is the Watcher's Council?

Commemorating the 70th anniversary of that fateful Sunday morning at Pearl Harbor that led the United States into WW II, the Watcher's Council is proud to present 37 articles discussing events occurring around the globe that provide the best of conservative opinion, analysis and thought all in one convenient location!

Each week, first thing Wednesday morning, we the members of the Watcher's Council make known our two articles for public consumption; one of our own (Council) and one from somewhere around the blogosphere (Non-Council) that address issues we feel are particularly timely and important to present.

After a secret ballot among the members, Friday morning the winners in each category are announced and the grand prize of the appreciation of our peers is awarded! Stay tuned!

For this week:

Council Submissions

The Colossus of Rhodey – Education Must Read

The Noisy Room – Apocalypse Nowish

Joshuapundit-Heart Of Darkness; Obama’s Campaign To Make Israel A Scapegoat And Fool America’s Jews

The Political Commentator – Obama children Malia and Sasha are going to be just fine!

Simply Jews – The Left The Right And The Supreme Court

The Right Planet – Soros And The Euro

GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD – Great Britain’s Iran War Coalition

Right TruthMinority Rules Again – In The Military

New Zeal – Communists Work on a New Improved, Pro – Obama “Occupy” Movement

The Glittering Eye -Chinese Menu

Rhymes With Right – The Question No One Is Asking

Bookworm Room – Newt Gingrich and “the vision thing”

The Mellow Jihadi – Faced with Draconian Budget Cuts, the Air Force Drafts Gisele Bundchen’s Son Into the Flight Program

The Razor – The Civics Lesson

VA Right! - Discussion: George Allen’s Record Examined in Detail

Honorable Mentions

Liberty’s Spirit – It’s Official: Obama Administration is Farbissen about Israel

912 Super Seniors – Disabling the Electoral College before 2012 Election?

The Independent Sentinel – The Volt Has Caught On Fire

Arthur Hu – Newt Gingrich Stands Up To Enemies of US and Israel

Capitalist Preservation – Bryce and Buffy Snodgrass: The winners of dinner with Barack and Michelle

Non-Council Submissions

The New CriterionCommune plus one submitted by The Colossus of Rhodey

FrontPage MagazineObama Administration’s Threefold Slap in Israel’s Face submitted by The Noisy Room

Andrew McCarthyFears And Smears submitted by Joshuapundit

American Thinker -You can’t be pro-Obama and pro-Israel submitted by The Political Commentator

UN Watch – Hillary Clinton to address UN tomorrow while UN rights chief Navi Pillay headlines event with anti-Semitic “Gaddafi Human Rights Prize” group submitted by Simply Jews

American Spectator – Back To The 1930s submitted by The Right Planet

The Wire – What to Expect from Putin After His Party’s ‘Reset’ submitted by GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD

Wired Danger Room -U.S. Built Its Own Secret Pakistani Spy Service submitted by Right Truth

Melanie Phillips – The earthquake in the Arab and Islamic world submitted by New Zeal

Zenpundit – Do Oligarchies Create Insurgencies? submitted by The Glittering Eye

Michael Berry – Party At Planned Parenthood? submitted by Rhymes with Right

PJ Media-Gingrich plan on immigration a good starting point submitted by Bookworm Room

Bring the Heat, Bring the Stupid – Demolitions submitted by The Mellow Jihadi

Michael Totten/American Interest –A Leaner, Meaner Brotherhood submitted by The Razor

Atlas Shrugs – US MIlitary Jihad: Rep. Peter King to hold fourth round of hearings submitted by VA Right!

Mark Steyn – Egypt’s Descent submitted by The Watcher

Discovery – Boost Your WiFi Signal Using Only a Beer Can submitted by The Watcher

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