Thursday, December 29, 2011

Today's links having to do with hate examine candidate Ron Paul!

Late Update: The Ron Paul Newsletter Decision Tree (Source)

If this Republican field was a Henny Youngman bit it would go something like: Take this GOP field - please!

Anti-Semitic or global hatred link(s) of the day with a 2012 presidential election flavor!

Although the global anti-Semitism/hatred link was going to be confined to one a day as an add-on to another topic, today it needed to be extended.

Due to the fact that Ron Paul is polling so well in Iowa and New Hampshire, coupled with what appear to be his questionable views on a variety of sensitive subjects such as race (blacks), religion (Jews), foreign policy (Iran) and national security (Israel and Iran), any possible taint he could bring onto the rest of the GOP field has to be addressed and avoided at all costs!

In an election with an incredibly weak incumbent, the GOP unfortunately at this point in time has few if any strong challengers.

Ron Paul for President!

Back in November I had posed the question of whether Ron Paul was fit to be President of the United States.

The question was posed at that time due to the illogical and dangerous plan that Ron Paul had for dealing with Iran.

The fact is, however, that there are additional questions swirling around Ron Paul in the form of his feelings towards Israel, Jews, gays and black Americans.

Incredibly, the facts are also that Ron Paul is running well in the run-up to both the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries (see graphs below).

Given this I felt it was important to offer a sampling of articles that address the man, his views and his vision.


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  1. Here is a quote from the newsletter: "order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks"

    Does it matter at all if this statement is true or not?

  2. OK. Why doesn't it matter if the statement is true or not?

  3. It is not true but the fact of the matter is that Ron Paul allowed it to be part of his newsletter which de facto makes it his.

  4. I didn't ask if the statement were true or not. I asked if it mattered whether the statement were true or not. If the statement were false then it would be equally acceptable to say its relevant (because its false therefore Paul is dishonest or ill informed) or irrelevant (because its false therefore moot). Either of these would fall within the range of safe opinions. Assume the original statement was true, what would be the implications? Would it then matter if it were true or not?

  5. Ron Paul supporters were upset when he was being ignored, now that his newsletters (and ads hawking a $99 "survival guide") are being explored they are upset. Your RP decision tree is a good one.