Thursday, December 8, 2011

The politically incorrect Walmart version of the politically incorrect Barack's Bullshit Bingo game!

It seems that the Barack's Bullshit Bingo game has gone mainstream with this politically incorrect adaptation for Walmart!

Originally introduced as a solution to either changing the channel or shutting off the sound to get through an Obama speech, the Barack's Bullshit Bingo card gave new purpose to the wasting of personal time spent listening to the useless and empty rhetoric that is typically passed off as substantive oratory.

Making it through a shopping trip to Walmart with this new version of Bingo!

If you are making a trip to a Walmart this holiday season, consider bringing this Walmart Bingo card found at IOwnTheWorld to make the visit slightly less painful.

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  1. I received these comments from people I assume to be libs in the Real Clear Politics group over at Facebook.

    Typical warm and fuzzy left!

    If you care to comment the link is

    Edgar Arroyo Hey Michael you are nothing but trailer park trash, go blow your head off. This will be a better world when the likes of you are not around anymore you loser. When I'm up your way I'll be sure to come and see you. You are nothing but a stupid bitch. I hope next year when we mop the floor with zombies like you and win what will you say then you asshole. Now get off this page you pervert.
    2 hours ago · Like · 2

    Daniel C Insyht Jones Not another one, my goodness. This guy must be lonely, we are all sad that Herman Cain quit. LOL
    50 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1

    Edward K. Evans Thankx Edgar & Daniel,....wasted sperm like should've flushed it down the toilet....but we hear trash spew negativity at will....nasty !!!!
    2 minutes ago · Like

    Michael Haltman The kinder gentler left. Keep up the good work!
    2 minutes ago · Like

  2. My husband, a former executive, works at Walmart as a lowly associate! There are NO JOBS except at WalMart in our area. Moving is not a financially beneficial option. We are grateful as hell to have the income and a place to shop where we can afford to buy enough food to put on the table. I do resent hateful commentary about one of the few places that provides some income. Yes, I realize the irony of WalMart's destruction of American jobs. Weird but unavoidable to be caught in the vortex. However, instead of blaming WalMart, how about blaming the REAL CULPRITS? You and me and the rest of us who shopped there and drove them to the top!

  3. I actually have no problem with the success of Walmart. I just thought this was kind of funny.

    Walmart delivers to the American people what they are looking for: Low price, wide-range of products and convenience!