Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Obama family vacation redux: $4.1 million reasons for outrage!

Conventional liberal wisdom and mainstream media punditry will say that a president deserves a vacation!

I don't dispute that, but 17 days in Hawaii at a cost to the US taxpayers of over $4.1 MM?

When the US economy is in shambles?

When the "folks" on Main Street that Obama professes to care so much about can't afford to take the family away to the Red Roof Inn one town over let alone Hawaii?

And finally, to put it into context that the President can understand, doing it in an election year where you poll as one of the least popular presidents of all time!

I think that the decision to go despite all of the reasons that say it is a bad political idea comes down to one simple phrase:

Hawaii vacation cost breakdown!

H/T Politicons

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