Thursday, December 8, 2011

New York City refuses to issue patriotic and anti-#OWS conservative rock band Madison Rising a permit to play Zuccotti Park! (Music video)

Patriotism, love of country and the desire to thank the men and women of the NYPD and FDNY was not enough to get Madison Rising a permit issued to play Zuccotti Park!

To "play" Zuccotti Park apparently all that an individual or a group really needs is to be anti-American, anti-capitalist and possess a willingness to break the law.

And, most importantly, it helps to have far-left politicians including the President and former Speaker of the House, Hollywood entertainers like Michael Moore and 1960's-style radicals, entrenched firmly on your side!

If you are simply a musical group with a love of country, comprised of military veterans, possesses an anti-OWS point of view and want to legally get a permit to play, why then you are s--t out of luck.

What was the #OWS message?

Like the "Arab Spring" in the Middle East, the useful idiots that populated Zuccotti Park during the official New York City #OWS protest were in actuality nothing like the way they were portrayed in the mainstream media.

The crowds of "students" demanding democracy in Tahrir Square in Egypt were nothing more than the opening act to the predictable endgame of an Islamist government that will tilt the region in a most unfortunate and dangerous direction both for the United States and for our ally Israel.

In much the same way, the so-called 99%'ers of the #OWS movement in Zuccotti Park, the majority of whom were nothing more than socialists, anarchists and hippies looking for a place to hang out, were simply the street presence for a manipulating force with a much larger agenda that kept themselves well out of the public eye.

#OWS was a large-scale board game of class warfare that the puppet-masters must have hoped would become a rising and reliable force for the 2012 elections that would pit the so-called haves against the so-called have-nots.

What the puppet-masters most likely didn't count on was the degree of drug-use, crime and violence that would ensue along with the overall ignorance of the participants to what it was that they were supposed to be there for.

And while ironically some of the most vocal supporters were in fact the 1%'ers who were trying to pawn themselves off as mouthpieces of the 99%'ers, the movement seemed to just implode in on itself with the delayed and much-to-late help of Mayor Bloomberg.

The patriotic rock band, Madison Rising!

So while Madison Rising ultimately did not get a permit to perform and therefore followed the law and didn't, Third Eye Blind apparently did perform pro-OWS songs on the same day only without a permit.

This music video from Madison Rising is called, "Honk If You Want Peace," and the group can be followed on YouTube here.

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