Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Tebowing": Students at Riverhead High School flagged and suspended for excessive celebration!

Is this a case about political correctness gone too far, an attack on Christianity, simply being flagged for excessive celebration or about keeping the hallways clear at Riverhead High School?

“Two Riverhead High School football players were suspended for a day because the school said they created a potentially dangerous situation by leading other students in a re-enactment of NFL quarterback Tim Tebow's kneeling in prayer.

School officials said an estimated 40 students had gathered in the hallway this week to make the gesture, which is called "Tebowing" and is named after the Denver Broncos player…

…Superintendent Nancy Carney said the suspensions had nothing to do with the religious nature of the gesture…" (NY Newsday)

The students say there was no fire hazard created by the gesture as there was room to pass.

And why were only two of the 40 students participating suspended?

Had the gesture not been religious in nature, or had it been a sincere or complimentary gesture significant to a different religion, would the reaction have been as swift and the penalty been as severe?

I suppose we will never know!

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  1. And in other Tim news, some brewing company came up with a Tebow beer called Tebrew.