Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hey Best Buy: Is beating up on Santa Claus and threatening his livelihood really necessary? (Video)

Breaking News December 13, 9:10 AM: Could it be just a coincidence that Best Buy earnings missed forecasts this morning?

What did Santa ever do to Best Buy as the war on Christmas goes Main Street?

I don't celebrate Christmas, but the Best Buy commercials that disrespect Santa Claus and threaten his livelihood concern and annoy me, in addition to them being just plain bad television.

I'm sure that I am not alone in this!

Scene 1: Santa is demeaned and humiliated!

First of all, at the very least hasn't Santa Claus earned a little respect?

So just who is this woman and what does she want with Santa?

And what's up with the woman going out to buy her own presents when Santa Claus is bringing them for nothing?

Is the recession over or is money simply no object?

I immediately suspected that this woman could be one of those hated 1%'ers that doesn't have to worry about money because she's married to a banker?

I can only imagine that if Occupy Wall Street knew where she lived and her banker ties that they would be marching on her house right now as part of the privileged class!

But then I considered that in another one of the commercial she actually knocks Santa Claus off of the roof so hard that his shining lights go dark.

Now I'm thinking to myself if resorting to violence like that in order to get your point across was really necessary?

Now the wheels in my head are turning!

This act of violence and hatred confused me, and then made me think that given the aggression against an innocent man just trying to do his job, perhaps she is not a 1%'er.

Maybe I'm wrong and she is actually part of OWS.

I say this because you wouldn't see violence like that against Santa Claus at the house of a Tea Party family!

And what about the greater impact this war on Santa Claus could have on the nation and even the world!

Doesn't this woman understand that if everyone went out buying their own presents it could put Santa Claus out of business, create the need for layoffs of Santa's elves that would spike the unemployment rate at the North Pole and would cause a run on government services creating huge budget deficits?

Then, imagine the resulting trickle-down effect where the diner down the street from Santa's Workshop would have to close, the garage where Santa parks his sleigh would have to lay off workers and the supermarket where Santa buys the food for all of his support staff would have to severely cut back on its hours of operation.

In other words Santa's Village could very well turn into a tent city.

A tent city? Could it be that OWS actually is somehow in cahoots with Best Buy?

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  1. You are definitely not alone in this. I too have voiced displeasure with these disrespectful ads. As a result I have avoided shopping at best buy because I am on Santa's side and always will be. Game on!

  2. If the earnings miss BB posted today is any indication, you are not the only one avoiding shopping at the store!

  3. I see no issue with the ad. Anyone who does is an idiot. Its marketing and realize that the belief in Santa ends when your 6. Keep it that way.

    Christmas is a day about presents, not religion. Santa is just a fictional figurehead giving gift giving a jolly image. Quit complaining. There are far worse ads than this.

  4. So let me get this straight.

    1) I'm an idiot, and
    2) You're telling me there's no Santa Claus,
    3) Name those other ads.

  5. LOL! This ad is funny. Why should a fictional charecter be idolated?

  6. What about Mr. Clean and Mrs. Butterworth. Don't they deserve to be idolized?

  7. No Best Buy for me! Game off Best Buy. Whats next? Will Best Buy have someone dress up as John Wilkes Booth for the February Presidents day sales?

  8. John Wikes Booth? That is hilarious!

  9. No Santa no best buy