Thursday, December 29, 2011

Iran threatens to shut the door to the Strait of Hormuz! (Video)

Iran, nukes and 40% of the worlds traded supply of crude oil!

Fact: The United States receives about 18% of its petroleum imports from the Persian Gulf. A disruption to the flow would be devastating on many different levels!

After years of benign neglect that served as the United States foreign and national security policy over Iran's nuclear weapons program it's now that country, and not the US, who is pushing the envelope and ratcheting up the stakes in the region.

The Iranian Velayat-90 military exercises began on Saturday and are scheduled to last for 10 days. They include the test-firing of missiles and torpedos, submarines, warships, destroyers, drones and electronic warfare equipment.

In conjunction with these exercises, Iran has said that any new sanctions imposed on them would result in them militarily closing the 34-mile wide Strait of Hormuz, an action the United States and the rest of the west cannot allow to occur!

The US Navy Fifth Fleet is stationed in Bahrain and has made the statement that such a closing would not be allowed under any circumstances.

So at the end of the day, WWOD?

The Iranian Threat!

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  1. For Iran to close the Straights of Hormuz is exactly what Barack Obama wants. He fought the Drill Baby Drill, he continues to NOT give anymore oil drilling permits in the U.S. (Texas) and fought the Keystone Pipeline. Hormuz actions by Iran will get him re-elected. Yeap!

  2. So if I understand you correctly you are saying that Barack Obama is an unpatriotic "American" and would have no issue with the catastrophe that would be a closing of the Strait of Hormuz.

    Particularly if as an added bonus he thought it would help him get reelected?

    I think I agree with your assessment.