Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hanukkah came early to Washington this year!

At least according to the White House which is just another signal to the Jewish people from President Obama!

Attention to all liberal Jews (an oxymoron) hell-bent on voting to put Barack Obama back into the White House!

This President not only takes your vote very much for granted but has little respect for, or interest in, the sanctity of our religious observances.

You have most likely heard the phrase "Christmas in July" which has to do with the idea of celebrating the anticipation of the holiday during the hot summer months.

But, what if the White House actually did celebrate then instead of during the actual Christmas season?

This is so outrageous a thought and concept that it doesn't warrant the time or space to discuss it.

Forget about the religious ramifications but consider the political ones, particularly in an election year!

Lighting the menorah at the White House almost two weeks early!

Visit Joshuapundit here to read the excellent article there on the premature celebration of the Jewish "Festival of Lights" by the Obama administration.

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