Thursday, December 22, 2011

EU airline carbon emissions decision could mean the end to peanuts as we know them! (Video)

Just what the global economy didn't need is a new EU tax on airlines for carbon emissions!

About a week ago the topic of the EU carbon market and the European Union Emission Trading Scheme was discussed at The Political Commentator.

The eight critical questions that needed to be asked to global warming proponents were laid out and the new record low for EU carbon prices was discussed.

New EU tax on international airlines!

Now, one week later the European Court of Justice dismissed claims of infringement on national sovereignty or violation of international aviation treaties and has allowed for a carbon cap and trade tax to be imposed on international airlines flying into European airports.

This despite the fact that under the Kyoto climate pact countries had agreed to bring emission issues before the UN's International Civil Aviation Organization.

So who will pay?

Of course any additional costs incurred by the airlines will be passed on to the flying public in the form of higher ticket prices and a probable cut in any of the few perks that may still be left on a flight or in and around an airport.

That my friends can only mean one thing! Free peanuts, those little bags of joy that every flier counts on and looks forward too, will be one of the fall guys.

Conspiracy Theory?

And one last thought in light of the fact that the decision to impose this carbon emissions tax seems to fly against international convention.

Who is it that will benefit most directly from an increased demand for carbon credits on the ICE exchange?

Why it's the speculators and investors who, as the chart in last weeks article shows, have been taking a bath!

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