Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A daily dose of anti-Semitism from around the globe!

"There is none so blind, as those who will not see!" Ray Stevens, "Everything is beautiful"

The Political Commentator will attempt to provide a daily link to an article that describes anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish activity from somewhere around the world.

For Jews everywhere, these articles will hopefully serve as a reminder that anti-Semitism is, and will remain, a clear and present danger for the foreseeable future!

My life as a Jew

I was brought up a Reform Jew and am now by definition what I suppose you would call a Reconstructionist.

This "label" characterizes what is considered the most liberal form of the observation of the faith followed by Reform, Conservative and various renditions of Orthodox.

For those unfamiliar with Judaism, what this distinction means is that to an Orthodox Jew a Reconstructionist may not necessarily be considered Jewish due to the less than traditional, less rigorous and less stringent way in which the faith is observed.

To me any distinction is unimportant because to a higher authority I believe that beliefs are beliefs, honor is honor, morality is morality and goodness is goodness.

Another group to whom this distinction is unimportant are anti-Semites everywhere, because for them there is really no difference between the extremes in the way in which the Jewish faith is observed. In their eyes a Jew is a Jew is a Jew.

Many Jews have grown up relatively unscathed by the tentacles of anti-Semitism, although personally, as one of the only Jews in my elementary school, I did every so often hear the phrase "dirty Jew" or the word "kike" thrown in my direction.

Never Again!

For Jews around the United States and around the world, the phrase "Never Again" came out of the Holocaust as a rallying cry which meant that what had happened will never happen again.

But as time goes by and Holocaust survivors grow old and pass on, some of the memory and message of what occurred in Europe fades.

As unbelievable as it is to think that one human could perpetrate the acts that took place during the Holocaust on another human, the fact that they actually occurred en masse makes it that much more important to always remember, to never forget and to always maintain the battle cry of "Never Again!"

Because there are and always will be individuals and groups consumed by a hatred of the Jews that has developed in the course of history and that comes as a by-product of different sources and various reasons. It is not a rationale hatred but it exists nonetheless.

Therefore, for as long as the existence of that hatred is reality, it is imperative that Jews, no matter how old or how young they may be, no matter how they celebrate or follow the faith, remain vigilant and stay true to the battle cry "Never Again"

Today's article (will be only a link to the article going forward)

"Each time you deal with issues affecting the Jewish community, every time we denounce anti-Semitic tendencies of Italian society, whenever attempts denounce Holocaust deniers and reductive interpretations of the history of the Holocaust, our enemies are in the open and wild, organizing anti-Jewish campaigns incitement to become real manhunt.

For some time the anti-Semitism, especially that which is expressed through the network, has again become increasingly aggressive toward Jews, we have given ample testimony to the website of the Jewish Community, recalling the recent blacklisting and threats of Militia.

Another example is the anti-Semitic site HolyWar that periodically draws up list of proscribed anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic posters and even spreads 'dossiers' against the enemy in turn, as what we spent, as you can see from the photo.

Holywar Web is the articulation of the "Popular Resistance Movement The Christian Alternative" and is one of the most virulently anti-Jewish online spaces, full of sections, all built around a single theme, a fierce anti-Semitism that oozes from every page. The site is an enormous amount of anti-Jewish material: hundreds of cartoons, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, documents accuse the Jews to practice ritual murder and even the film Nazi 'Suss the jew'.

The site owner is the Norwegian Alfred Olsen, described as "mentally unstable", is known since the early to mid 90's as right-wing extremist and organizer of "anti-Zionist conference," recently returned to the headlines because it was considered one of the Norwegian inspired terrorist Breivik, author of a massacre on July 22 in Norway.

Please DO NOT visit their site not to give it more publicity.

And 'course, even superfluous, to emphasize that procedures are in place for reporting at the police post, this anti-Semitic attack through the slander and lies would turn off the voice of the Italian Jewish community."

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  1. I sure would like the phrase, "anti-semitism" to vanish. All pro Jewish online news should stop using this phrase and instead begin to use "Jew hatred".

    The term "anti-semitism" was coined by a Jew hater! Did you know that? His name is William Marr, a Jew hater from Germany.

    Stop using anti-semite and use Jew hater. Please!

  2. Interesting. I have never heard of William Marr but I will look him up.