Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cast your vote: College tuition is due but is college actually worth the price of admission?

Christmas vacation can mean only one thing!

Okay it means many things but one of those is that the college tuition bill for the second semester of the school year is due very very soon!

If you are anything like me, meaning the parent of one or more kids in college, this is one of those times of year when the school's bursar comes a calling to get paid tuition and fees.

The other time that we hear from them is of course sometime over the summer.

So as we write out that check who amongst us hasn't at least once asked themselves the question of whether the prospects for our kids after college justifies the immense cost of college?

(Opinion poll: Green college is worth the cost and blue it is not)

One part of the answer comes from the college major that John or Jane chooses because the plain fact is that some graduates are much more in demand than others. For example computer science versus english.

Another part of the answer could come from a cost/benefit analysis that measures the cost of going to school against the time it might take to earn back that money compared to taking a job straight out of high school and incurring no out of pocket costs.

There are of course many more intangibles that go into the mix such as your child's desire to be in a certain field regardless of the way that they will be compensated.

However it is that you personally may look at the process and expense of going to college, this interactive poll is an opportunity for you to see how others feel given their demographic make-up as well as to vote yourself.

Poll results: Is college worth the price of admission?

The "yes college is worth the cost" percentages are in green and the "no college is not worth the cost" percentages are in blue.

The chart below is bases on a comparison of people with similar demographics to my own.

To participate and vote visit SodaHead here.

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