Sunday, December 11, 2011

The captured U.S. RQ-170 drone in Iran! Why is Jimmy Carter smiling? (Video)

Is a comparison of Barack Obama to former President Jimmy Carter fair, or is it too great an insult to a former president?

In all deference to this articles title, the reality is that Jimmy Carter would not smile about a missing U.S. drone in Iran.

He wouldn't be smiling because despite his great and well documented shortcomings as a president and as a "diplomat," I believe that Jimmy Carter is basically a patriot who unfortunately also possesses severely misguided ideas for what is right and what is wrong for this country and the rest of the world!

Then why even mention the potential for a Carter smile?

Because as one of the clear front runners in the race for the title of worst president in American history, the crisis over the captured drone is one more argument for moving Jimmy Carter at least one rung above Barack Obama.

For it is the handling of a national security crisis consisting of an intact U.S. surveillance drone in Iranian government hands that is the Obama coupe de grace, at least for the time being.

Leave the drone behind!

This presidential decision was apparently made despite the fact that the RQ-170 is one of the United States most advanced surveillance weapons.

The decision was made despite the fact that the drone was reportedly taken substantially intact thanks in part to the help of Russian technology. Access to it will reportedly be sold to the highest bidder (the Russians or Chinese) who will then apply reverse engineering to learn our secrets!

The decision to simply leave it inside Iran was also reportedly made despite a report that President Obama was provided with three options including a covert special forces mission, bombing the plane and a third unknown plan.

Say what you will about President Carter, but at the very least he went into Iran and attempted to rescue the 52 hostages although his mission, Operation Eagle Claw, was an utter failure.

Barack Obama would seemingly rather just gift secret U.S. technology to our enemies without a fight for reasons unknown.

Other pathetic similarities of the two Presidents!
  1. A failure to inspire. Compare the Jimmy Carter words of a "crisis of the spirit in our country" and of a public who "tend to worship self-indulgence and consumption" to those of President Obama who opined that Americans have gotten lazy, have lost our ambition and lost our imagination.
  2. Extreme unpopularity. The Gallup Poll numbers below speak for themselves.
  3. Inflicting economic pain on the country. And a population in pain right along with it!
  4. Through a variety of means the diminishing of U.S. prestige and standing around the world. A situation rectified when the one-term Presidents leave office and a Republican takes over the White House!

Gallup (click to enlarge)

Iranian video of captured U.S. drone (translation required)

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