Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The "Arab Spring" in Egypt has achieved one part of President Obama's "hope" for "change" in the Middle East!

It's not democracy the people in Egypt want, but we already knew that didn't we?

With the initial election results in and the Egyptian publics apparent desire for an Islamist, not democratic, government made clear, President Obama has achieved one plank in his campaign to change the landscape in the Middle East that puts Israel in much greater danger!

All under some phony propaganda campaign that was presented by the President and the mainstream media to the American public that the "Arab Spring" was somehow anything more than a move to topple an historically reliable ally of the U.S. and Israel.

"For those of you still operating under the assumption that the Obama administrations handling of the Middle East "Arab Spring" has in some way been for the purpose of driving the ideals of democracy to countries unfamiliar with it, think again.

It has always been curious to me that those governments somewhat friendly to Israel and the United States (i.e. Egypt) have been strongly encouraged by the Obama administration to step-down in order to let "democracy" take its course..."

Didn't we really know what was going to happen all along?

For more on the subject there is an excellent article from Caroline Glick titled "An ally no more" here.

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