Wednesday, December 14, 2011

5,464 #OWS arrests and damn proud of it!

Breaking News Wednesday December 14, 9:30 AM: Incredibly (although not really), "the protester" has been named as the Time Magazine Person of the Year!

While "the protester" includes other movements such as the "Arab Spring," that too was not what I would consider to be a success.

As a matter of fact it may prove to be much more destructive to that region than #OWS could ever have been here in the US.

Portrayed as a Democratic uprising in the media, what history will prove is that the "Arab Spring" was an opportunity for Islamic fundamentalists to take over governments with the student protesters merely being used as pawns.

So while "the protesters" is a large global story the Time Man of the Year was an unsuccessful one!

Now on to the article.

5,464 documented #OWS arrests from September 17, 2011 through December 12, 2011!

Number proudly verified by the website

The #OWS anthem!

Over that period of time people (myself included) have wondered aloud and in writing about exactly what it was that the #OWS protesters were fighting and getting arrested for.

What cause was so dear to the hearts of the participants that getting arrested was a viable and welcome alternative?

For expediency there have been #OWS flowcharts made designed to help potential protesters who were unsure whether they belonged at Occupy Wall Street make the decision.

The Political Commentator visits #OWS New York City!

After having personally visited the tent city in Zuccotti Park before it was disbanded, getting a firsthand view of the pot smoking, filth and urine smell along with a plethora of signs for a wide variety of causes, I can tell you that most of the protesters seemed to have little idea as to why they were there.

Other than some vague mantra that they were sticking it to the man, aka Wall Street bankers! The old 99% versus 1%.

Beyond that it was a party that consisted of a few truly disenchanted people who were side-by-side with 1960-style radical wannabe's, hippies, anarchists, communists and sightseer's.

Now that the movement is petering out having accomplished little beyond giving the liberal elites the opportunity to engage in a high-level game of class warfare, they will always have #OWS Paris.

That and 5,464 arrests!

Lyrics courtesy of Athlete from "This is what I sound like"

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