Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Top 10 lists for Political, Natural and Media longevity disasters!

As 2011 comes to a close, these are some of the Top 10 lists for the year that was!

The approaching end to 2011 brings many things to mind such as was it or wasn't it a good year for ourselves and for our family's.

But what the end of the year also brings out are the Top 10 lists for just about any category that you can think of.

These are three of the lists I thought would be interesting and before the year is out there may be more.

Presenting Top 10 Lists for 2011 Political, Natural and Media Focus disasters!

Top 10 political mistakes, blunders or gaffes (feel free to add your own)
  1. The Herman Cain affair
  2. Blago convicted and sentenced for the Obama senate seat sale caper
  3. The Terminator and Maria Shriver split due to marital infidelities
  4. Rick Perry presidential campaign et. al.
  5. Weinergate as Anthony Weiner resigns over Twitter abuse
  6. Wu done it - resigns after admitting to sexual misconduct with a teenager
  7. Sarah Palin: One if by land two if by sea
  8. Congressman Lee trolling Craigslist for dates
  9. Michele Bachman John's mix-up: Wayne or Gacy?
  10. The not-very Super Committee!

Top 10 natural disasters (unofficial list)
  1. 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan
  2. Tsunami resulting from 9.0 earthquake in Japan
  3. 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Turkey
  4. Tornado in Joplin, Mo.
  5. Typhoon Roke in Japan
  6. Volcano eruption in Southern Chile
  7. EF-4 tornado in St. Louis, Mo.
  8. 5.9 magnitude earthquake that hit the east coast of the U.S.
  9. Flooding in North Dakota
  10. Hurricane Irene
Top 10 stories beaten to death in the media
  1. The Casey Anthony trial
  2. The Royal wedding
  3. Will The Donald and/or Sarah Palin run for president
  4. Did Dr. Murray kill Michael Jackson
  5. The DSK sexual assault case
  6. The Kim Kardashian marriage
  7. All Charlie Sheen, all of the time
  8. The Republican straw poll in Iowa
  9. The approach of Hurricane Irene on the east coast
  10. Carmageddon when 10 miles of the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles was closed
Each group is certainly not complete or in an order that everyone will agree with, so if you have your own ideas feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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