Monday, November 14, 2011

Is #OWS New York City planning to take the movement to a whole new level?

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Are the strings of the #OWS street-level puppets that we can see about to be pulled to a new level by the puppet masters we don't see?

In commentary yesterday from my visit to Zuccotti Park I had said that this was a group that seems to have lost its relevance.

That in order to get that relevance back, what steps would the actual leaders of this movement need to command the rank and file to take?

Is #OWS going MOWS (Mobile Occupy Wall Street)?

According to this article from Crain's New York the movement may be going militant, leaving Zuccotti Park to try and "take over" and disrupt other neighborhoods around the city.

"... a group planning a series of militant protests Thursday that could signal a new, disruptive direction for the movement.

The actions, to mark two months since Occupy Wall Street began, will start with an early-morning attempt to shut down Wall Street and prevent the New York Stock Exchange opening bell from ringing. They will conclude with an evening march over the Brooklyn Bridge with union members and community groups.

Despite the public perception that the movement is leaderless, leaders have in fact emerged—and they're beginning to tackle tough questions about the next steps for the movement. While the public is riveted by events in Zuccotti Park, which the protesters call Liberty Square, these ad hoc leaders are debating whether to leave it. They're laying plans to spread the occupation to other city neighborhoods, build an infrastructure that can sustain the movement beyond the park and make Occupy Wall Street not just symbolic but intrusive.

“We're thinking about actions that truly disrupt business as usual in a way that forces people with power to stop in their tracks,” said Yotam Marom, a 25-year-old writer, teacher and musician from Hoboken, N.J., who has emerged as a key strategist. “We need to be attacking banks, not just by dancing around in lobbies, but by stopping them from doing things.”

Organizers are discussing how to halt foreclosures, develop banking alternatives and figure out what the movement means in the world of politics. Additional occupations are in the works, including ones aimed specifically at reclaiming foreclosed homes..." (Source)

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