Thursday, November 24, 2011

Video: How to avoid these nine words on your trip to New York City! "Put your hands up and give me your money!"

It's not just New York City but travel to any urban area!

It's the holiday season and for many that means several different things.

Too much drinking and too much eating, time spent with family and loved ones, getting and giving gifts and for the lucky few in this economy, travel to new, exiting and sometimes unfamiliar places.

It means that these travelers need to stay alert and aware of any potential dangers that may be lurking around them.

Forgetting about the fact that the quote in the title is physically impossible, to first put your hands up and then give the crook your wallet, there are plenty of thief's out there who will have the crime victims try it.

Particularly if they have a good idea that someone is from out of town!

From STRATFOR Global Intelligence comes this video that addresses some of the safety items that should be on travelers minds as they move around urban environments this holiday season!

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