Monday, November 7, 2011

Update: "Barack Hussein Obama" makes the National Enquirer!

"The Secret Life of Barack Hussein Obama" by Mondo Frazier that is!

On October 30 The Political Commentator had reviewed and highly recommended this book that fills in some of the many holes remaining in the background of our President.

Holes the mainstream media has been more than willing to overlook!

But these critical gaps will be tolerated no more thanks to the work of Mondo Frazier and his book, " The Secret Life of Barack Hussein Obama."

"From Mondo Frazier, editor and publisher of Death by 1000 Papercuts (DBKP), comes the critically important work "The Secret Life of Barack Hussein Obama"

Why is this book so important? Because it fills in the huge holes that still exist in the life of now President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama..." (available at Amazon here)

Now reviewed in the National Enquirer!

As if being reviewed in TPC weren't enough, Mondo's book has now been reviewed by the National Enquirer!

"President OBAMA’s shadowy past could doom his future, The ENQUIRER has learned.

A blockbuster new book rips the lid off President Barack Obama’s darkest se­crets – and could doom his bid to win a second term in the White House!

The explosive tell-all by take-no-prisoners blogger Mondo Frazier reveals the command­er in chief is a “chain-smok­ing wreck” who could be hooked on prescrip­tion drugs, and claims he may have spied for the CIA in col­lege.

“I’ve uncovered that Presi­dent Obama has spent over $2 million in legal fees to keep the details of his past hidden,” Frazier told The ENQUIRER. “This new book will surely impact his re-election campaign...” Read the full story here.

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