Saturday, November 19, 2011

Unlike #OWS, these protesters in Egypt's Tahrir Square know why they're there... and it ain't good! (Video)

The "Arab Spring" in Egypt... another one bites the dust!

Watching the Obama administration version of US foreign policy and national security has been like watching the thugs in the movie "Home Alone" attempting to take out a 10-year old.

They try but you pretty much know that the attempt will be an utter failure!

For this President it has been one politically motivated and poorly thought out move after another designed with a seemingly singular purpose of pandering to the base of the Democrat Party.

And at the end of the day these moves seem to ultimately leave things worse than they were before any policy was articulated and implemented.

Nowhere is this clearer than when President Obama demanded that Hosni Mubarak step down in Egypt so that a democratic form of government could rule the day.

It was fairly common knowledge that it was the Muslim Brotherhood who would most likely take control in this country, but the Obama administration position, articulated by US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, was that this group was a secular and not a terrorist organization.

And now we have this result!

Islamists in Egypt rally in Tahrir Square

Unlike the #OWS protesters in this country where 9 out of 10 most likely could not articulate any reason for why they are participating, these thousands of Egyptian Islamists gathered in Tahrir Square, home of the "Arab Spring", know exactly why they are there.

It is a fight for control of the Egyptian government into the future between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood.

And in the time leading up to the Egyptian elections in 2012, this one most likely promises to get ugly.

For a detailed look at the story go to The New York Times here.

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  1. and what is wrong with muslim brotherhood or toothfairys getting democratically elected by the well of peoples ?? isnt this democracy ? or democracy is electing what america and israel wants pplz to elect ?? and that friday wasnt for islamists it was for all egyptians who happen to be more than 90% muslims !! liberal muslims where there too and unvieled girls too so start meddling your own business and stay away from egypt coz apparently you know nothing about it .....