Sunday, November 20, 2011

The TPC Week in Review: Just in case you missed a day!

If you don't subscribe to the daily feed or email of The Political Commentator, these are the articles you missed this week!

Articles that discussed all of the critical global events and crises that could potentially impact our lives in the United States. These included a look at whether we are facing a complete breakdown in our society, #OWS and the Eurozone debt crisis!

And that was only Monday!

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Saturday, November 18 articles:

The Iran nuclear program update: Stay informed with these articles from around the globe!

Unlike #OWS, these protesters in Egypt's Tahrir Square know why they're there... and it ain't good! (Video)

Cartoon greatness: MSM portrayal of the Tea Party and #OWS and the 10 Commandments of liberalism!

Friday, November 17 articles:

The Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) has entered the building! (Videos)

The Watcher's Council winners have been selected: So many articles, so little time! (Conservative article aggregator)

Thursday, November 16 articles:

The high-profile supporter silence of #OWS is deafening while the crime runs rampant at #OWS nationwide! (List of crimes included)

ECB buys, Italy yields rise and is Tunisia another "Arab Spring" failure!

South Park on the Penn State child sex-abuse scandal! (Video)

Wednesday, November 15 articles:

Video of #OWS New York City protester: "We're gonna burn your city to the mother f---ing ground"

The Watcher's Council: 35 articles you need to read, all in one convenient location!

Benetton ads of UNHATE? Is Barack Obama in a lip-lock with Hugo Chavez going to motivate you to buy clothes?

The softer side of a tree hugger? (Video)

If mega-storms are on the way, who do you want breaking the news?

Tuesday, November 14 articles:

Full video of the Jerry Sandusky interview with Bob Costas

Lifestyle's of the rich and locked out! Now I understand! (Video)

Must Read: #OWS (Oakland) mantra of violence and anti-Semitism confirmed? Check and check!

The names of some of the potential puppet masters of #OWS! (and breaking news from Zuccotti Park!)

Monday, November 13 articles:

Is #OWS New York City planning to take the movement to a whole new level?

Breaking News: Italian government changes, bond yields don't!

Are we facing a total breakdown of society? 22 signs that may say yes!

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