Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Spud Webb and the Stripper Basketball League are casualties of the NBA season!

The Stripper Basketball League with Spud Webb named as the coach of Rick's Cabaret team will find their season cut short by the return of NBA basketball!

In the same way that businesses who rely on the NBA for income will welcome the league back with open arms, some of those who would have benefited from a lost season will forfeit their opportunity at basketball fame and stardom!

The 3-team Stripper Basketball League was, at least in my mind, going to be a more than worthy replacement for the coddled and spoiled NBA players who earn an average salary of $5 million a year.

At least a fan could expect the women of the SBL to play their butts off every night, an expectation not often lived up to in the NBA.

But when Christmas Day rolls around and the NBA season starts with the New York Knicks playing the Boston Celtics, the SBL season will come to an end.

After that the closest the SBL players will get to the hardwood is when the NBA players come to Rick's Cabaret!

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