Sunday, November 6, 2011

The #OWS vs. Tea Party crime and anti-social behavior checklist and video!

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(actual checklist and video below)

Update: Video below of Occupy Wall Street Boston taking over the Israeli Consulate to protest the Israelis stopping a boat in a Gaza flotilla. Coincidently, or not, a member of Code Pink was on that boat. Is this seemingly anti-Semitic and spontaneous act of trespassing to protest "Israeli apartheid" just another tentacle in the #OWS manifesto?

There is no comparison between the actions of Tea Party rally participants and the 60's style demonstrators of the #OWS crowd!

The Tea Party gets together in an orderly fashion to protest big government, higher taxes, the frightening and unsustainable level of our national debt (see EU) and over-the-top government spending.

Occupy Wall Street in all of its various city renditions, masses in protest of things that they can't really articulate, and when they try it simply sounds like those who have worked hard to reach a certain status should give it to those who have not achieved that same level of success.

It is the mantra of the 99% have-nots versus the 1% haves.

#OWS, as opposed to the Tea Party, is also the darling of the politicians on the left (including President Obama) as well as the hypocrite Hollywood and other liberal elites who are actually part of the 1% that these demonstrators hate so much.

#OWS versus the Tea Party criminal and anti-social behavior comparisons!

Whether it is suspicion of arson, the number of arrests, attacks on police, vandalism, violence or any number of other examples of criminal or anti-social behavior, which group, #OWS or the Tea Party, is guilty of these gross indiscretions?

And, by the same token, which of these groups is lauded by the Obama administration and which is viewed as a dangerous pariah?

The #OWS versus the Tea Party criminal and anti-social behavior checklist!

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Checklist H/T Sad Hill News

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