Thursday, November 3, 2011

New York City Marathon facts on the 10th anniversary of 9/11!

The New York City Marathon!

This Sunday over 40,000 runners will hit the road in New York City for the world's largest marathon. It's a national event as much as it is a sporting event, traveling through all five boroughs of NYC.

My own personal experience with the marathon came back in 2001 when, two months after 9/11, my wife ran in the race.

While the wounds from the attacks were still incredibly fresh, the mere fact that the race took place was a major victory.

This years race, 10-years later, has special meaning as well with members of Families of Flight 93 Runners participating!

New York City Marathon Facts

• 127: Number of runners who toed the line at the very first New York City Marathon, held in 1970. Only 55 actually finished.

• 9: New York City Marathon victories by Grete Waitz, a Norwegian track star who turned to the marathon at the suggestion of her husband -- and never looked back.

• 47,000: Number of participants projected to race in this Sunday's marathon.

• 38: Percent of those racers who are women.

• 84: Age of Joy Johnson, the oldest female entrant this year.

• 3,538: Number of entrants from Italy, the country with the most participants outside of the U.S. France and Germany rank second and third for foreign entries.

• 1,663: Number of attorneys entered in this year's race. Also in the top 10 of professions? Physicians (1,073 entries), good in case of injury along the course ...

• 8,000: Number of event volunteers during Sunday's race.

• 2.5 million: Expected spectators along the course.

• 74: Number of UPS trucks that will take participants' bags from the start in Staten Island to the finish in Manhattan's Central Park.

• 18,000: Cans of Coors Light ordered for the pre-marathon pasta dinner on Saturday night, which will host 15,000 runners and their families.

• 4,500: Pounds each of rigatoni pasta and elbow macaroni to be served at the pasta dinner.

• 17,000: Pounds of clothing discarded at the start line of the race and collected for local charities.

• 368: Number of portable toilets positioned throughout the course, at more than 35 locations including every mile.

• 62,370: Gallons of Poland Spring Natural Spring Water available to runners.

• 32,040: Gallons Gatorade G Series Pro Endurance Formula along the course.

• 2,300,000: Paper cups used during the race.

• 60,000: Number of PowerBar Gel packets for runners at mile 18.

• 130,000: Amount in dollars awarded to the male and female runner champion (amount increases to $200,000 if last year's winner wins again).

• 31: Amount in millions expected to be raised by all 210 2011 race charities combined.


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