Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The NCAA is no different than Al Capone and the Mafia?

Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) says NCAA control over the lives of student athletes is like Al Capone's control over Chicago!

This is not meant as a commentary for or against the NCAA and NCAA policies, but as a commentary on how Congressman Rush thinks his description of that sports body differs from the political body he is ensconced in ... Inside the Beltway, Washington!

Consider for example the recent treatment in the media of a story attributed to unnamed sources alleging sexual harassment by Herman Cain many, many years ago.

Note the phrases highlighted in bold below in this excerpt from an AP story, and then close your eyes and instead of the NCAA substitute the mechanics of election-year politics!

"I think they're just one of the most vicious, most ruthless organizations ever created by mankind," Illinois Rep. Bobby Rush said of the NCAA at a congressional forum on college sports Tuesday. "I think you would compare the NCAA to Al Capone and to the Mafia...

... Rush made the accusations at the forum called to look at the impact of "back-room deals, payoffs and scandals" in college sports. The congressman spoke after hearing from a couple of mothers of former student-athletes who complained of ill treatment by schools after their sons suffered injuries..." (AP)

Politicians in glass houses...

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