Thursday, November 3, 2011

The NBA lockout! Nobody cares and here's why!

Spoiled, wealthy players and owners debate about how to divvy up billions of dollars while the NBA fans say..."Who cares!"

With a 9.1% unemployment rate and a U.S. economy that can't get out of its own way, it's hard for the average fan to really understand the reasoning behind the NBA lockout!

One of the sides wants 52% of an extremely large pie while the other side is offering 50% of that pie? You don't have to be a Harvard-educated arbitrator to figure out that 51% would get it done!

The NBA is not the only game in town for an apathetic fan base!

In a poll conducted by The Denver Post, 64% said they would be fine if the entire NBA season was canceled.

Some of the possible reasons fans may not care?

5. The college game is more entertaining. The teamwork and hustle are a joy to watch. The game-day atmosphere is electric and genuine (as opposed to the NBA's artificial piped in noise and pyrotechnics).

4. The NBA's regular season is a stale product. A reader named "Jo To" put it best on a recent post: "As an avid Nuggets fan, I have to say ... I'm not all finding myself missing the NBA product. Who really wants to watch a bunch of grown men not play for 3 and 1/2 quarters every game for 82 games? I don't miss it one bit."

3. Lack of parity. In the last 25 years, only eight NBA teams have won a title. Of the remaining teams, most have never really contended for a title. It's hard to get excited for a league dominated by just a few teams.

2. Image problem. From LeBron James' announcement that he was taking his talents to South Beach, to officials coddling superstars, to Carmelo Anthony's quest to leave Denver for the bling and glamour of New York, NBA players have never been more detached from the public than they are now.

1. Money. The average annual salary for an NBA player is $5 million. In these tough times, with 9 percent unemployment nationwide and little spare money in their pockets, fans look at the NBA in particular, and professional athletes in general, with growing disdain. (Source)

If the NBA makes itself irrelevant, it can be a long and bumpy road trying to earn relevance back!

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  1. I've been a Lakers fan since I was 3yrs old. It's what my dad and I enjoy using to bond, we were both born in CA, talk more frequently through out the season (he lives in FL, I in TN).
    I get more into and excited over a Laker game than any other sport, pro or otherwise.
    While I don't agree with "who cares" being the best way to say what the fans feel, I do think the NBA as a whole needs to get their act together quick, quit with the greed, and be appreciative for what they have before everyone becomes a loser except the lawyers.
    I understand some teams make more money, are more popular, etc. than others, but that's how life works. There is always someone better than you, or who makes more money.

  2. And it sure beats working at Walmart for $10 bucks an hour.

  3. Feels like I'm a hungry orphan, out in the winter cold, looking inside a restaurant while Stern and the NBA players partake at big juicy steak dinner.

    The article nailed it. Who cares about those big baby millionaires - getting paid to PLAY. How about giving us some money, the FANS. Without us, there won't be a NBA. 9% of your fans are unemployed. While you guys bicker over billions.


  4. Not only do I not care, I'm tired of heating about it on the news. I literally got here by Googling "NBA Lockout 'Nobody Cares'" just to see if anyone else felt the same way. Apparently so many people do that Google autocompletes the query.

  5. I also got here by googling "no one cares about the nba."

    by the time i got to "cares a" it completed for me.

    Thanks google, for understanding that indeed, no-one gives a hot damn about bickering million and billionaires while people have real problems.

    And college sports are alot more interesting.

  6. College basketball is a better game than pro by around a factor of 10!

    Fans who care and are passionate about the team and the game!

    Players who are passionate about the game and the opportunity to play the game!