Friday, November 4, 2011

An alternative to the NBA lockout blues could be the Rick's Cabaret Basketball League!

A majority (64%) don't care about the NBA lockout and would be fine with a lost season!

That finding in The Denver Post was discussed here yesterday.

Something about spoiled rich owners and spoiled rich players fighting over billions while the rest of us struggle with recession and high unemployment!

How about some players who play simply for the love of the game!

For those who still love professional basketball and would like to watch what promises to be an entertaining game, Rick's Cabaret Basketball League might be the answer!

Rick's Cabaret is a gentlemen's club that may step-in with a two-game season to fill the void left by the NBA lockout. In a press release from Rick's they said that:

(Click to make bigger)

These are some of the players that could fill the rosters in the RCBL!

H/T Busted Coverage where many more of the team photos can be viewed.

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