Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Must Read: #OWS (Oakland) mantra of violence and anti-Semitism confirmed? Check and check!

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This article discusses #OWS Oakland but, as a national movement, it is almost a certainty that you can change the name of the city and the mission, goals and tactics will remain the same!

This excerpt is from an article in Commentary Magazine titled "OWS Supporters Confirm: Violence an Essential Component" that was written by Seth Mandel.

It is chilling to read and will be eye-opening for some (quite possibly staunch #OWS supporters such as President Obama and the rest of the liberal elites) as it describes the true nature, tone and mission of at least one #OWS city but that can almost certainly be extrapolated across the movement as it crosses the United States!

"The Occupy Oakland branch of the nationwide tent city protests seems to have produced the worst-case scenario for both the occupier movement and its critics. A man was shot and killed there a few days ago, and police are clearing the protesters out this morning (though many occupiers are threatening to come back after the police are gone).

But aside from the violence, which has been common throughout the protests in several major cities, the Occupy Oakland events put the lie to the assertion that only a minor segment of the group is responsible for the violence and that the rest of the protesters do not condone that behavior. Yesterday, Rabbi Michael Lerner, the left-wing political activist who runs Tikkun magazine, emailed his supporters with a note of correspondence between Lerner and one of his followers, who was–although supportive of the occupy movement in general–horrified by what he saw at Occupy Oakland..." Read the article here.

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