Wednesday, November 9, 2011

(Misplaced) Priorities of societies!

Society today, as "clearly" evidenced by the #OWS movement, is extremely confusing!

Well articulated by Steely Dan in the song "Reelin' in the years," the things that society today finds to be valuable and worthwhile compared to the things that are vilified and reviled seems to fly in the face of logic.
  • Success is wrong and failure is okay,
  • Hard work, innovation and success can be okay if the rewards gained from those efforts are shared with others who don't want to make the effort,
  • Economic struggle is okay but wealth is despised (unless the wealth is in the hands of a Hollywood hypocrite),
  • Disorderly and sometimes criminal demonstration is good (and applauded by the liberal elites) while peaceful and orderly demonstrations that protest big government and over-the-top spending are bad,
  • demonstrations that destroy local businesses (an integral part of the so-called 99%) are okay while creating jobs and becoming wealthy is once-again bad,
  • Wealthy reality stars and actors like Michael Moore are for some reason good and idolized while those who actually contribute to society in the form of innovation and/or jobs creation are bad.
Is this the United States of America or Bizarro World and is #OWS for real or just a terrible figment of my imagination?

Cartoon H/T Theo Spark
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