Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Iran nuclear program update: Stay informed with these articles from around the globe!

With all of the other distractions in your face both domestically (#OWS and the 2012 presidential election) and globally (the Eurozone meltdown) it is easy to lose sight of some other major issues!

Specifically I speak of Iran and the Iranian nuclear weapons program that continues to move forward, while the U.S. policy under Barack Obama is to use as a deterrent "strong U.N. rebukes" and "tough new sanctions."

Sanctions and rhetoric? These are methods which the Iranian government simply laughs at.

This while Russia and China seem content to leave what they consider to be well enough in Iran alone.

As we do every month or so at TPC, here is a selection of articles that will hopefully help keep you current on the situation as it stands now in Iran.

These articles could be rendered irrelevant tomorrow as this crisis with Iran is an incredibly fluid situation, but we have to start somewhere.

Iran and its quest for nuclear weapons!

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