Saturday, November 5, 2011

Iran: As always the Obama administration has its eye on the wrong ball!

Because for the Obama administration there is only one ball: Election Day 2012!

National security isn't even in the same ballpark!

It seems, however, that in terms of Iran we are heading to the bottom of the 9th inning with the good guys needing to put the big guns up at the plate to pull this thing out! Why you ask?

Because empty rhetoric, political games and pandering to fundraisers are some of the basic rules for Team Obama while anything else, including national security, that might get in the way of reelection hopes are considered flagrant fouls.

It really wasn't that hard to see the danger in Iran if you were actually looking!

Personally I am nothing more than a concerned citizen who follows the news and for me, the prospect of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons has wavered between 1 and about 4 on my list of global concerns.

The global war on terror (Obama's "overseas contingency operations"), the economy and "friends" like Pakistan, Afghanistan and China are up there as well.

But for President Obama, the Iran nuclear weapons crisis was a mere nuisance to be pushed off on the IAEA along with a call for more of the already proven to be useless and worthless sanctions.

A small sampling of some of the past TPC concerns over a nuclear Iran!

The Iran nuclear weapons endgame?

"...The statement came amid reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was pushing his ministers to green-light an attack on suspected bomb-building sites in Iran.

And in a bombshell development yesterday, the U.N. atomic agency said they would release confidential intelligence next week suggesting Iran designed computer models of a nuclear warhead.

The watchdog agency also has satellite imagery of a steel container used for powerful explosives testing at an Iranian military base, as well as details on warheads and weapons experiments, diplomats said.

President Obama has pushed for a diplomatic solution to ending the much-feared nuclear program, which Iran claims is for peaceful energy purposes..." (NY Daily News)

So Where's Waldo?

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