Sunday, November 13, 2011

You have 6 months to live...Now what?

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A meteor the size of the State of Texas is bearing down on the earth and you know, with 100% certainty, it is going to be a direct hit that will pulverize the planet exactly six months from today...

I was driving into Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, business as usual on that crossing into NYC that has no $8 tolls to pay.

The question was asked about what a person would do if they knew, were 100% sure, that the entire world would be coming to an end 6 months from today at 10:00 AM?

Scanning the New York City skyline and seeing the buildings conspicuously missing can often make the mind move in this direction.

"What would you do if you knew you were going to die" is a typical question people ask, and the expectation is that you would get some of the typical answers like those in the chart below.

They include the usual suspects like sex, prayer, vacations, family time, drinking to excess or more than one of the above (particularly the drinking, vacation and sex combo).

(Click to make bigger)

But what if the question was posed in a slightly different way?

What if the question was "Will doing what it is that you wanted to do for the 6 months you had left going to be possible!"

In other words, what will the world and society look like for those 6 months if everyone knew the end was coming, guaranteed?

Heading into New York City, the original home of Occupy Wall Street (what #OWS looks like in a future article), makes one think about how society would handle the question of a 6-month terminal sentence with the corresponding lack of any real consequences or penalties for actions committed.

Would those six-months be a utopia where people live and let live in harmony to do as they please until the end comes?

Or, would it be a living hell?
  • Would the haves fall prey to the have nots?
  • Would there be widespread looting and violent crime as the police abandon their posts?
  • Would fires burn out of control and garbage pile up as all civil servants go the way of private sector workers and retreat to their family's?
  • Would food get harvested, manufactured and shipped to stores?
  • Would medicine and medical care be available?
  • Would anarchy and lawlessness rule the day?
  • Would country's take the opportunity to strike out against other country's with relative impunity?
If the hopefully unlikely scenario of a six-month time-frame for the survival of the human race was a reality, what do you think the world and life in that world would look like?

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