Friday, November 25, 2011

Forget Black Friday: Here's a website that will give you odds on the best time to buy specific products!

Is the name Black Friday just another one of those retailer/manufacurer invented gimmick names like Valentine's Day and Secretary's Day designed to drive sales at inflated prices?

On Valentine's Day a dozen roses cost about 5 times more than they would a week before or a week after.

Why? Because it's in the psyche of society that if we don't buy on that day we are committing a relationship crime that will be difficult to ever come back from.

Black Friday is in the psyche now as well! Should it be or is it just another invented gimmick?

Black Friday sales that begin in the early morning the day after Thanksgiving (and now the day of Thanksgiving) have become something of a ritual in which shoppers do the 100-yard dash through the doors of stores shopping for the "bargains" they are told will not be available again until next year.

Particularly in an economy like the one Americans are suffering through now, making holiday dollars stretch further is not only a nice thing to do but a necessity!

For the stores it is also a necessary event that helps to push them from the red into the black and, if sales are strong, sets a positive psychological tone for the rest of the holiday buying season.

But are shoppers really getting the deals that they think they are or could there be a better time to be buying when prices will be even lower?


Specifically for electronic products, Black Friday could be the best time to buy, but that time, according to the computer models, might actually be two weeks from now.

Wouldn't it be good to know with some degree of certainty that for the product you want to buy you stand the best chance of getting it for the best price on a specific day?

Double check your strategy for purchasing electronics with!

Note: I am not an endorser of this website and wasn't paid by them for this story but I did read about them in the New York Times and felt it was worth sharing.

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