Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The names of some of the potential puppet masters of #OWS! (and breaking news from Zuccotti Park!)

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Breaking News Tuesday, November 15 4:30 AM
: Police clear Zuccotti Park and tell the protesters they can come back without sleeping bags, tarps or tents.

Would a decision to escalate #OWS Manhattan from a hippie camp to a mobile band of protesters traveling from neighborhood to neighborhood come from the street-level leaders or from above, made by the so-called "puppet masters?"

Word has it that the occupants of Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan may soon be breaking camp to go to various other neighborhoods around New York City.

They will be doing this in order to spread their disruptive ways while at the same time hurting the local small businesses of the 99% they are sworn to protect.

But who is it exactly that would make a major strategy decision like this? Would it be the actual inhabitants of Zuccotti Park who seem to be a leaderless band, or would it be made by one of the puppet masters from the groups who are supporting the #OWS movement?

As we understand it, "... a group planning a series of militant protests Thursday that could signal a new, disruptive direction for the movement.

The actions, to mark two months since Occupy Wall Street began, will start with an early-morning attempt to shut down Wall Street and prevent the New York Stock Exchange opening bell from ringing. They will conclude with an evening march over the Brooklyn Bridge with union members and community groups..." (Source)

Potential puppet masters of #OWS! (or is it someone or something else?)


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