Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drinking radioactive water from Fukushima? Now that is political pandering President Obama could learn from!

President Obama, the master of pandering to a political base, could learn a thing or two from Yasuhiro Sonoda!

The battle cry of the Obama administration leading into the 2012 presidential election is to do anything and say everything that the leadership feels might appeal to their quickly vanishing political base.

Whether it is political or legislative trickery that allows them to invoke the phrase of Republican obstructionism, the mantra of "jobs, jobs, jobs" and "pass this jobs bill," then mortgage rate and student loan restructuring when his own Party turned its back on his bogus jobs bill or throwing his support behind the #OWS movement, this President will pretty much say and/or propose anything to further his political ambitions.

He will do this with seemingly little regard for the impact his proposals will have on the long-term stability and viability of the United States.

But, as good as President Obama may think he is at political gamesmanship, this politician from Japan can teach both him and his handlers a thing or two!

In Japan the Fukushima disaster continues to rage on, although to a large extent it is absent from news coverage around the world.

The impact on the people of Japan, the economy of Japan and the future of Japan is still largely unknown, with many believing that the Japanese government and TEPCO are telling much less of the truth than they actually know.

In any event on October 31, in what may have been a show of faith for the people, a response to a dare or merely a political stunt, Parliamentary secretary Yasuhiro Sonoda drank a glass of purified radioactive water that came from Fukushima Number 1 nuclear power plant!

Said Mr. Sonoda, "Just because I drank the water does not mean that its safety has been confirmed, so there is no significance to the act. I drank it because a request had been made." (Source)

No scientific significance maybe, but a stunt that will gain Sonoda an incredible amount of publicity and political mileage.

The Democrat Party would most likely love to hear ideas from its core constituency of some type of equivalent, albeit slightly less stupid, act for this President that will earn him the political advantage he seeks.

In the meantime for this President, it will just be more of the same old 24/7 campaigning, with little attention being paid to the great many problems this country is facing!

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