Friday, November 11, 2011

Dear President Obama: Your "Arab Spring" in Syria may actually be genocide!

Update November 12, 2011: Arab League votes to suspend Syria from meetings in 4 days unless it ends bloodshed

The "Arab Spring" in Syria has turned into more of a "nuclear winter" for the unarmed civilians in Homs as Bashar al-Assad prepares for his endgame there!

All this while the Obama administration is MIA in that country and in other potential flash-points due to its collective eyes being on other prizes viewed as more critical (the 2012 presidential election for one)!

In a global crisis such as genocide in Syria (about 3,500 civilians killed to date since the "Arab Spring" began), word will emanate from the White House only when the news of slaughter in Homs hits the front pages of papers in the U.S.

For this President, some type of action or rhetoric seems only to become unavoidable when from a public perception standpoint it could be harmful to his political ambitions.

Any action, if and when it does come, will typically be in the form of sanctions that require the consensus of other countries to implement and which allow Obama to then be on his merry way.

If it's rhetoric, the phrase will be that "al-Assad must step down!"

This is how US foreign policy seems to be conducted in Washington, at least until a new White House occupant takes over in 2012!

Syrian endgame coming in Homs?

"STRATFOR received word Thursday that senior Syrian army officers are advising their subordinates to evacuate their relatives from the Sunni-concentrated city of Homs. The army is preparing to intensify its ongoing crackdown in Syria’s most restive city. According to a source, Syrian President Bashar al Assad has instructed the Republican Guard to take necessary measures to “finish off” the uprising in Homs by the end of next week. Republican Guard commanders have also been instructed to spare the Al Nuzha and al Zahra sections of Homs from shelling, as these areas are populated predominantly by Alawites..."

... Al Assad does not want to create a situation in which its external rivals, from the United States to Turkey and France, reach the limits of their rhetoric. The regime can tolerate, and is even well-accustomed to, verbose diplomatic rebukes, but needs its rivals to keep the military option off the table. Several factors work in al Assad’s favor toward this end.

Syria is receiving a fair amount of press attention, but not in overwhelming measure. In fact, the global audience may even be growing accustomed to the daily reports of killings. A major escalation in Homs would certainly heighten interest in the happenings in Syria, but discussions on how to pressure the regime to reverse its course remain abstract exercises in thought.

Turkey, which neighbors Syria and has been the most vocal in issuing ultimatums against the al Assad regime, is the first country to look at in searching for a response. Plans to create a Turkish military buffer zone along the border — to serve as a haven for Syrian dissidents — are leaked regularly in the Turkish and Arab press and are meant to give al Assad pause. But Turkey is not prepared to take such action, especially lacking any clear indication that the al Assad regime is on its last legs, or that the threat of Kurdish separatism in the Syrian-Turkish borderland has reached a critical level..."

Stay tuned!

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  1. The US supports endless wars for Israel, it all started a decade ago after a false flag attack.
    9/11, US and Israel:

  2. Let's stop pretending that Obama, CIA, Mossad isn't now and hasn't always been all up in that Syrian opposition ish, come on peeps lets keep it real

  3. "In a global crisis such as genocide in Syria (about 3,500 civilians killed to date since the "Arab Spring" began)"...

    Perhaps you should look up the meaning of 'genocide'.

  4. The Dems want war in Syria, just as they had their war in Libya. Now Israel is attuning the West to fight a war against Iran. Here is a thought: war with Russia? So far Russia has kept its head, but eventually Russia will intervene. Russia has greater capacity both in terms of weaponry and resources--this may be needed to halt the United States of Israel.

  5. Genocide: "the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group"