Monday, November 21, 2011

Congressional Super Committee - In the spirit of bipartisanship, I declare that ALL of these guys suck!

In the sick joke known as governing "Inside the Beltway," it is we the people who consistently get hit by the punch line!

With the Wednesday night deadline fast approaching, on Saturday the six Republicans held a conference call while the Democrats didn't formally meet.

This because both sides are actively participating in the pre-game warm-up for the Washington business as usual blame game,attempting to set themselves up politically for when the talks fail.

If this was a real company and these politicians were engaged in the work process of a real job, with real accountability and real penalties for failure, this so-called Super Committee would be holed-up together in a conference room somewhere ordering in Chinese food while working 24/7 to get something constructive done!

They would be busting their asses to reach some type of bi-partisan compromise before the deadline to prevent the draconian across-the-board budget cuts that are supposed to automatically be implemented from taking effect.

And if after all that they couldn't find any middle ground they would have given it their best shot for us!

They would have been doing what is in the best interest of the country and the people of the country instead of what is best for political party and personal career!

But of course, as we have seen through the years, Washington is not a real company!

There are no real responsibilities or accountability with allegiance to one goal and one goal only.

Reelection to office and retention of power in the form of key committee appointments.

Both of these goals require that politicians follow the marching orders of party leadership and limit the invocation of personal beliefs to none.

This gets us to where we are nowin American politics which are 100% party-line votes that do not necessarily benefit the United States or the American public at all.

And, to get away from bi-partisanship for a second, the tone for this method of governing comes straight from the White House along with President Obama's consistent message of divisiveness and Party first politics!

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