Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Category 3+ hurricane is on its way!

Not this year but in the very near future if you believe that history is any indicator of the future performance of natural disasters!

In personal investing company's will issue a specific disclaimer that past performance is no indicator or guarantee of future performance. Because it can't be.

But in the realm of natural disasters such as hurricanes and major earthquakes there are historical statistical measures stating that through recorded history events have occurred every certain number of years.

With that in mind, the United States is about to set a hurricane record for not having a major hurricane!

With Hurricane Wilma the last major Category 3+ hurricane to make U.S. landfall back in 2005 and because the U.S. hurricane season comes to a close tomorrow, on December 4, 2011 it will be 6 years (or 2,232 days) without a major hurricane making U.S. landfall.

This will break a record that was set in 1906.

So if you are a betting man and a believer in the fact that past performance is an indicator of future results when it comes to natural disasters, the United States is unfortunately overdue.

Chart source

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